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With over 10 years of industry experience in automotive and industrial HVAC market, Kingclima can provide cooling and heating solutions for various vehicles, like trucks, Vans, RV,Motorhome, Boat, construction vehicles and so on. KINGCLIMA has passed the certificates of CE, ISO/TS16949,ISO19001 and E-mark,with more than 200 patents on air conditioner and built the 6S site management to ensure high product quality. Adopting high quality materials and manufacturing processes in all of our products. KINGCLIMA can also offer OEM services and replacement parts to meet the varying needs of our customers.
Main Products:
DC 12V/24V truck air conditioner
bus air conditioners
Portable air conditioner
Van/RV air conditioner

Give Your Best Cooling Enironment - choose Kingclima electric air conditioners for your Truck/Van/RV.Contact us today to find the perfect ac units for your needs.
Kingclima offers top-of-the-line air conditioning units designed to provide optimal cooling and comfort during your travels.
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Experience In Producing AC Units For Truck/RV/Van
Large factories and Work-Shop
Offer Vehicle Electric AC units products can be customized according to requirements
Unanimous praise from customers
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air condition bus
Electric Bus Air Conditioning System-Kingclima140E
Cooling Capacity:14000 Kcal/h / 16.24kw / 56000BTU Heating Capacity:13,000 Kcal/h/ 15.08kw/ 52000BTU
Input Voltage Range(Main power line):DC400 V~DC720V
Input Voltage Range (Control system):DC-24V 5A
Fresh Air:1250m³/h

bus air conditioning system
Minibus Air Conditioner Engine Driven-kk120
Cooling capacity: 12 kw
Evaporator Air Flow: 2000 m3/h
Condenser Air Flow: 3200 m3/h
Dimension(l × w × h): 1660×1245×210
Power Consumption:(12V)≦55A

bus ac unit
Minibus Air Conditioner Engine Driven-kk140
Cooling Capacity: 14KW
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Installation Type: Integrated Rooftop Mounted
Driven Type Vehicle: Engine Driven
Application vehicle types 6-6.5m minibus

bus ac unit
Portable Air Conditioner For Camping-kc650
Cooling Capacity: 2350Btu
Power supply: DC 24V/ AC 100-220V
Rated Current: 10A
Rated Power Input: 250W
Sound Noise Level: <55dB

portable air conditioner
Portable Air Conditioner For Tent-kc700

Rated Cooling Capacity: 700W/2390BTU
Temperature Range: 16°C to 30°C
Refrigerant Type: R134a
Net Weight:10.5kg
Gross Weight:12kg

bus roof air conditioner
Electric Bus Air Conditioning System-Kingclima260E
Cooling Capacity: 22414 Kcal/h / 26kw / 89655BTU Heating Capacity: 20600 Kcal/h /24kw / 82000BTU
Input Voltage Range(Main power line): DC400V~DC750V
Input Voltage Range (Control system): DC-24V 5A
Fresh Air: 1250 m3/h

bus air conditioner price
Electric Bus Air Conditioning System-Kingclima330E
Cooling Capacity:275000Kcal/h / 33kw / 110000BTU Heating Capacity:26,000 Kcal/h  /30kw  / 102000BTU
Input Voltage Range(Main power line):DC400V~DC750V
Input Voltage Range (Control system): DC-24V 5A
Fresh Air: 1250 m3/h

Van Air Conditioner-coolpro2800C
Rated Cooling Capacity: 600W-2800W/9660BTU
Voltage: DC12V/24V
Rated Current: 25A-60A
Power: 300W-1200W
Air Volume: 450m³/h
Weight(kg): 35KG

Cooperation Partner
Collaboration With Kingclima
Factory Production Line-Kingclima Electric Air Conditioner Manufacturing
Henan Kingclima Air Conditioner Co., Ltd was established in 2003. It has 20 years of experience in the production of vehicle air conditioners for van,truck,rv,bus etc. The factory covers an area of 180,000 square meters and has 120 professional engineers and pre-sales and after-sales staff. Kingclima specializes in the customer provides cooling services.
FAQ-Vehicle Air Conditioners For Truck/Van/RV/Crane
Welcome to become an agent of Kingclima air conditioners!
Air conditioners for your cooling solutions
truck air conditioners
Q: How to quickly solve product failures?
A: KINGCLIMA products have been designed with this in mind. When all faults occur, the corresponding fault code will be displayed on the control panel, which is convenient for maintenance engineers to quickly determine the cause of the fault. Users can report faults through the after-sales team. Some simple faults , the technical consultant can tell how to solve it by phone. If a more complicated fault code appears, our after-sales team will follow up in time, and actively solve the fault for each customer as soon as possible.
van air conditioners
Q: What voltages are available for kingclima brand parking air conditioners?
A: As a professional manufacturer of parking air conditioners, our products must adapt to the diversified choices of the market. At present, the products that have been provided in the market are available in DC 12V/DC 24V/DC 48V.
bus ac
Q: How to ensure that the power consumption is not excessive and does not affect the use of other equipment in the vehicle?
A: KINGCLIMA products can set a warning voltage within a certain range according to the user's own needs. When the voltage reaches the set value, it will automatically alarm and shut down to ensure the normal use of other electrical appliances.
bus ac units
Q: How is the parking air conditioner used?
A: It is powered by vehicles battery bank, for example, usually the parking air conditioners are used for factory retrofit. Such as with our electric battery powered AC make the RV retrofit, this is one of the popular way that our customers use.
bus air conditioners units
Q: How Many Hours do the Parking Air Conditioners Working?
A: It depends on your vehicle battery. Our parking ac is variable frequency air conditioner, it will adjust according to the ambient temperature. So is is low electric consumption. Besides that, with our customers feedback, it is enough for them to relax in truck for 4 hours. If you want more longer time, we recommend to add an external battery.
rv air conditioners
Q: What type of parking air conditioners that are suitable for my vehicles?
A: There are two commonly seen parking ac mount type in the market: split back wall mounted and roof top mounted. So just send your vehicles photo and your detailed requirement, let our professional sales team help to find a suitable ac model.
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