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Application of E-clima2200 Electric Parking Air Conditioner

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As the summer of 2023, the demand for efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions is on the rise. KingClima, as a China AC units manufacturer in vehicle air conditioning, has captured the attention of customers with its dedication to innovation and quality. Specializing in full DC inverter air conditioners for vehicles, KingClima’s commitment to excellence is evident in its rigorous R&D and manufacturing processes.

Parameter Information of eclima2200 electric air conditioner

Rated Input Voltage: 12VDC/24V DC
Rated Maximum Input Power: 600W – 860W
Rated Relatively Large Input Current: 30.5A
Rated Relatively Large Cooling Capacity: 2200W/7480BTU
Refrigerant Type: R134a
Weight: 32kg
Temperature Range: 18-28℃
Product Size: 700580263mm (length * width * height)

E-clima2200: The Versatile Top-Mounted Electric Air Conditioner

Designed as part of the E-clima series, the E-clima2200 is a standout model that caters to a diverse range of user needs. From trucks and heavy trucks to light trucks, RVs, tractors, construction machinery, and yachts, this air conditioner offers unparalleled versatility.

Installation of Eclima2200 electric air conditioner:

Why choose Kingclima eclima2200 electric air conditioner?

Exceptional Build and Endurance

The E-clima2200 has undergone a battery of stringent tests, including vibration, aging, life, high and low-temperature alternating, and IPX7 waterproof testing. These tests ensure its durability and reliability, making it capable of withstanding harsh road conditions and environments.

Efficient Cooling with Stability

With a rated cooling capacity of 2200W (7480BTU), the E-clima2200 provides efficient and consistent cooling performance. It operates with a low-noise design, ensuring a comfortable environment without disturbances. This makes it suitable for both driving and parking scenarios.

A German Tractor Owner’s Smart Choice-kingclima electric air conditioner

Meet Karl, a German tractor owner who relies on his tractor for various agricultural tasks. As summer arrives, Karl faces the challenge of staying comfortable during his long hours in the field. After thorough research, he discovers the E-clima2200 Electric Parking Air Conditioner by KingClima. Impressed by its advanced features, durability, and compatibility with tractors, Karl decides to invest in the E-clima2200 air conditioner.

The installation process is seamless, and Karl is delighted to experience the immediate difference the E-clima2200 electric air conditioner brings. Even during scorching days, he maintains a comfortable cabin temperature of his choosing, ensuring he remains focused and productive throughout his workday. The low-noise operation is a bonus, allowing him to work without disturbances or discomfort.

With the E-clima2200 air conditioner, Karl’s tractor becomes a haven of comfort, making the hot summer days more bearable. He appreciates KingClima air conditioner commitment to quality and innovation, knowing that he made the right choice for both his comfort and efficiency needs.

The KingClima E-clima2200 Electric Parking Air Conditioner epitomizes innovation, quality, and user-centric design. Its versatility, robust build, and efficient cooling capabilities make it a game-changer for drivers across various fields. From tractor owners like Karl to truck drivers and recreational vehicle enthusiasts, the E-clima2200 promises a new standard of on-road comfort and convenience.

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