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Battery Driven Air Conditioner For Your RV

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As the allure of campervan and RV travel continues to captivate adventurers, the need for reliable cooling solutions becomes paramount, especially during sweltering summers. Traditionally, campers relied on AC110V air conditioners, which necessitated grid connections or diesel generators for power. But what if you want to escape the grid or avoid diesel engines?

Enter Kingclima’s revolutionary solution: the Coolpro2800C Battery-Driven RV Air Conditioner. This groundbreaking innovation ushers in a new era of cooling comfort, seamlessly powered by the RV’s battery.

Customer Installation Feedback of Coolpro2800 Air Conditioner-Kingclima

The Power of Battery-Driven Innovation

KINGCLIMA’s Coolpro2800C RV air conditioner stands as a testament to innovation that understands the unique demands of campers. With a 12V DC compressor design, this air conditioner operates efficiently and effectively. All it takes to trigger the cooling sensation is a simple connection to the RV’s battery. Gone are the limitations of requiring external power sources, allowing travelers to enjoy cooling comfort no matter where their journeys take them.

Cooling Performance and Efficiency

With a substantial cooling capacity of 2800W/9660BTU, the Coolpro2800C electric air conditioner delivers the respite from heat that campers crave. Remarkably, this performance comes with minimal intrusion—operating at a mere 60 decibels, it ensures peaceful relaxation even during cooling cycles. For energy-conscious travelers, the air conditioner boasts an energy-saving mode, drawing a current of just 25-40A.

Streamlined Installation and Compact Design

Coolpro2800C‘s installation process is designed for ease and convenience. This air conditioning unit can be directly installed at the standard 14’’x14’’ air outlet, without the need for additional holes or modifications. The internal dimensions post-installation are a mere 4cm, preserving the aesthetic and spatial integrity of your RV.

Advanced Features for Peace of Mind

Beyond its exceptional cooling capabilities, the Coolpro2800C air conditioner is equipped with a range of advanced features. Battery low voltage protection ensures the longevity of your RV’s power source. Additionally, a fan failure alarm offers an added layer of security, allowing you to address issues promptly.

Enhanced Camping Experiences

The KINGCLIMA Coolpro2800C Battery-Driven RV Air Conditioner transcends traditional cooling solutions. It grants campers the freedom to venture off the beaten path, explore remote destinations, and bask in cooling comfort—all powered by their RV’s battery. Say goodbye to the limitations of power sources and welcome a new era of convenience, efficiency, and immersive camping experiences.

For modern-day adventurers seeking ultimate camping comfort, the KINGCLIMA Coolpro2800C Battery-Driven RV Air Conditioner is a game-changer. With its innovative battery-powered design, remarkable cooling performance, streamlined installation process, and advanced features, this air conditioner redefines what’s possible on the open road. Embrace the future of cooling, embrace the Coolpro2800C, and embark on your camping escapades with newfound comfort and freedom.

This revolutionary design unshackles you from external power sources, enabling you to enjoy cooling comfort wherever your travels take you. Whether you’re immersed in the heart of nature or exploring remote destinations, the Kingclima Coolpro2800 air conditioner ensures uninterrupted cooling that fits your on-the-go lifestyle.

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