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Cargo Van Refrigeration Units For Sale

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How to Choose the Best Van Refrigeration Unit?

Getting a van refrigeration unit for your refrigerated shipping service should be fairly easy these days. However, for customers in the refrigerated transportation industry, it is very necessary for users to know what kind of product you really need to transport, so it is very necessary for users to choose and install the van refrigeration unit correctly.

Goods or commodities transported for you

Before deciding which type of van cooling unit you need, please understand the product’s
The type of transportation can be more specifically selected according to the type of product to be transported.

(1) Temperature range to be used

Buyers should know the temperature range of the product to be transported, so as to ensure that the product can be kept at the same temperature consistently from the origin to the destination during the transportation process.

Installation method

Generally speaking, the installation method of van refrigeration unit is usually top installation, but according to the appearance of your model, we will also provide the bottom installation method of van refrigerators for your model.

The volume or weight of transported goods

In some cases, when you transport refrigerated products with large weight, you need van refrigeration units with large cooling capacity. kingclima can recommend suitable van refrigerators according to your transported products.

PS: (As a supplier of van refrigeration units, it can effectively help users through the above by recommending the perfect design to meet the needs of refrigerated transportation.)

Preferred van refrigeration units/fridge units for vans “kingclima refrigeration brand system”

We can help buyers get the van refrigeration units they want more easily and conveniently, and at the same time provide customized services according to customers’ preferences during refrigerated transportation.

Maintenance and service requirements
(Avoid these common maintenance problems and keep your fleet moving)

Based on the premise of ensuring the safe and successful transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, at kingclima we are committed not only to providing you with high quality cargo van refrigeration units, but regular maintenance of your refrigeration equipment will extend its life and ensure the smooth running of your business.

Why should refrigeration unit be maintained?

To maintain the normal operation of the equipment to ensure the quality of the goods.

If the refrigeration unit is used for a long time, the compressor will remain in working condition for a long time, and it is easy to produce impurities that will block the compressor and damage the refrigeration system. Generally, the maintenance of the van cooling unit is based on the working hours of the engine or the mileage of the engine. The usual cooling unit is 500- 700 hours or 2000 kilometers for maintenance and service. Check the stability of the van cooling system, adjust the belt and bracket of the cooling compressor, and replace the desiccant bottle.

Prolong the service life of the van cooling unit, and timely maintenance can reduce unnecessary maintenance cost

Timely maintenance can solve unnecessary maintenance cost.

After the van cooling unit is maintained, its service life will be longer than before, which can reduce unnecessary losses caused by frequent replacement of the cooling unit.

How to maintain the van refrigeration system?

(1) Check and clean the condenser.
(2) Check and clean the evaporator.
(3) Clean the system piping.
(4) Check the operation of the compressor to see if it needs cleaning.
(5) Check the condition of the compressor belt and bracket to see if the bracket needs to be repaired or the belt needs to be adjusted.

Cost and Budget

When choosing a van with refrigeration unit for sale for your business, it is important to consider the cost of van freezer units, while the size and features of the van fridge unit can affect the price of refrigeration units for vans as well as the brand.

It is important to remember that there are many factors that determine the price of a van roof refrigeration units.

Some of these factors include:

(1) Size: Different sizes of van refrigeration units have different cooling capacities, and the size of a van refrigerator determines its price.

(2) Quality: High quality van chiller units also tend to last longer, so using high quality van refrigeration units can be an excellent investment for your transport refrigeration business.


If you are planning to purchase van refrigeration units for your business or the fleet you operate, it is important to consider all the factors to decide which is the best fit.

Tip: For example, if you only transport perishable goods over short distances, you may want to invest in smaller units with fewer features. On the other hand, if your company transports items over long distances and needs the flexibility to change routes quickly without worrying about downtime due to refrigeration problems or repair costs, then investing in more advanced, larger units with a variety of features such as temperature control, heating or standby options may be more appropriate.

Temperature control

The most common type of control uses a thermostat to maintain temperature. It’s programmed to open and close the door at specific temperature thresholds, keeping your refrigerated goods at just the right temperature. Some truck refrigeration systems also have a remote or digital display that allows you to program the unit from inside the vehicle.


When choosing van chiller units it is important to consider the flexibility of the refrigeration system, the van refrigeration units should be able to adapt to your needs in order to function in a variety of refrigerated transport situations.

Types of goods

The type of cargo you have can be an important factor in deciding which box cooler is right for your business. A van refrigeration unit should be able to fit the cargo perfectly so it can store products or other items at the correct temperature.

For Your Information, if you want to use a refrigerated vehicle to transport fresh goods, then this may be good, because refrigerated vehicles usually keep your goods fresh at all times. However, if you use a refrigerated van to transport frozen items such as meat, ice cream, etc., this can be a big problem because the truck refrigeration system can only maintain a temperature range of -5°C to 15°C. Frozen goods will be damaged in the refrigerated vehicle. Please make sure you purchase the correct model for your shipment.

FAQ of Van Refrigeration Units:

Q:How can I choose the van cooling unit?

A:It is important to select the right transport van cooling unit depending on the size of the van and your purpose of use. Please refer to the selection guide in the technical information or contact us by e-mail and whatsapp. We will help you choose the right cooling unit for your cooling needs.

Q:Can I have a price of the van refrigeration unit kingclima?

A:Each Kingclima transport refrigeration unit dealer is authorized to set his own pricing policy. This includes parts as well as transport refrigeration units. Please find your nearest dealer and they will be happy to provide you with the best service. If you can’t find a dealer in your country, please contact us by e-mail, phone or fax. Also, our inquiry form on the quick menu is provided for your convenience.

Q:What payment methods do you accept?

A:T/T, WEST UNION, L/C, Credit Card and so on.

Q:What about spare parts supply and warranty period?

A:We will offer free wearing parts according to order quantity and provide 12 months warranty for your transport refrigeration unit (van refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units, trailer refrigeration units) spare parts replacement.

Distributor Policy-Kingclima:

How to become a Kingclima dealer? If we have a dealer or distributor of transport refrigeration units (van refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units, trailer refrigeration units) in your area, unfortunately it is not possible to deal with us directly. If we don’t have a representative in your country, it is possible to deal with us as long as your company meets our requirements. Please contact us by inquiry on the quick menu or e-mail ( to us.

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