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CoolPro 2300 Battery-Powered Air Conditioner For Ambulance

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As a common vehicle type in our daily life, medical ambulances, it is very important to install a suitable air conditioner that can meet the needs.In the realm of medical emergencies, ambulances play a pivotal role in swiftly transporting patients to medical facilities. However, the comfort of both patients and ambulance drivers can often be compromised due to the challenging environments they operate in. To address this concern, we present an innovative solution – the CoolPro 2300 battery-powered air conditioner. Designed with precision and versatility, this cutting-edge system promises to revolutionize the driving experience for ambulance operators while ensuring optimal patient care.

Coolpro2300 electric air conditioner Details:

modelcoolpro2300 electric air conditioner
install typesroof/integerated mounted
air flow250-450m³/h
cooling capacity2300W
Control ModelSmart Variable frequency
Size (LWH) 790*865*185mm
ApplicationAll kinds of truck cabs, Van and construction vehicles

Unveiling the CoolPro 2300 electric air conditioner

The CoolPro 2300 battery driven air conditioner is a technological marvel tailored for ambulance vehicles, offering both cooling efficiency and user convenience. This battery-powered air conditioner boasts a formidable cooling capacity of 2300W (7820BTU), effectively maintaining a comfortable environment even in the most demanding situations. With the option to choose between 12V and 24V power supply, the CoolPro2300 air conditioner is engineered to seamlessly integrate into any ambulance configuration.

Features of Kingclima coolpro2300 electric air conditioner

Integrated Roof Mounting: The CoolPro 2300 features a rooftop integrated mounting design, ensuring hassle-free installation. This design choice maximizes interior space and minimizes intrusion into the ambulance’s working area.

Fast Cooling Performance: Utilizing a scroll compressor and a high-power cooling fan, this air conditioner guarantees rapid cooling that is crucial during critical situations. Patients and medical personnel can now experience relief from stifling temperatures in a matter of moments.

360° Air Supply: The innovative design of the CoolPro 2300 enables uniform air distribution throughout the ambulance interior. No corner is left untouched, ensuring a consistent and comfortable environment for everyone on board.

Reliability and Longevity: The system comes equipped with a low electrical protection device, enhancing its operational safety. The use of high-quality components extends the product’s service life, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

User-Friendly Controls: The CoolPro2300 air conditioner offers a smart variable frequency control model, allowing ambulance drivers to effortlessly adjust the air conditioning settings. Whether through a remote control or the roof control panel, user-friendly interfaces ensure easy operation and a tailored experience.

Application Versatility: Designed not only for medical ambulances but also suitable for various truck cabs, vans, and construction vehicles, the CoolPro2300 air conditioner brings comfort to a wide range of commercial applications.

Trustworthy Electric Air Conditioner-Kingclima Air Conditioner

KINGCLIMA, the manufacturer of the CoolPro2300 electric air conditioner, stands behind their product with a two-year warranty, in the process of using,the CoolPro 2300 battery-powered air conditioner is poised to transform the landscape of ambulance comfort. By offering a compelling combination of powerful cooling, intelligent controls, and durability, this innovative solution enhances the driving experience for ambulance operators while ensuring the well-being of both patients and medical personnel. With its versatile application range and reputable manufacturer, the CoolPro2300 electric air conditioner stands as a reliable and high-performing choice for anyone seeking to elevate the standards of comfort and efficiency in ambulance vehicles.

Drivers can adjust the air conditioner through remote control or the roof control panel, easy operation to fully meet the comfort cooling needs of the ambulance driver.

Installation feedback:

Welcome to contact KINGCLIMA team at any time, if you have any questions.

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