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Eclima-2200 Air Conditioner for Pickup Truck to Small RV Conversion

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Embarking on a journey in your pickup truck turned small RV is an adventure like no other. However, staying comfortable during your travels is crucial for an enjoyable experience. Recently, we have receive the feedback from our customers, now let us learn more about battery driven air conditioner details of it.

The detailed datas of the Eclima-2200 battery driven air conditioner:

Cooling capacity2200W/ 7600BTU
Power600W – 860W
Evaporator blower air vol.650m3/h
Condenser fan air vol.1050m3/h
Cut off Size32kg
Vehicle ApplicationsAll trucks, construction machinery , tractor etc.

Kingclima Eclima2200 battary driven air conditioners for RV

The Eclima2200 RV air conditioner is more than just a cooling unit; it’s a testament to innovative design and engineering excellence. Boasting a cooling capacity of 2200W (7480BTU), this remarkable device is tailored to provide exceptional comfort, even in the most challenging outdoor conditions. Available in both DC 12V and DC 24V models, the Eclima2200 air conditioner offers a cooling solution for various power setups. Additionally, the DC 24V model features a heating function (PTC or Heat pump), ensuring year-round comfort for your camping escapades.

Features that Redefine Comfort-Kingclima eclima2200 electric air conditioner

Stylish and Customizable Design: The Eclima-2200’s sleek golden appearance adds a touch of elegance to your RV’s interior. Its pristine color complements any vehicle aesthetic, and for those seeking a personalized touch, the air conditioner can be easily spray-painted to match your RV’s color scheme, enhancing overall harmony.

The overall golden appearance looks very beautiful, right? Kingclima air conditioner has a white color. You can also spray it with your favorite color according to the color of the vehicle to make the overall look more harmonious.

Optimal Cooling Performance: With a cooling capacity tailored to suit a pickup truck’s cab, the Eclima-2200 ensures that you stay cool and refreshed during your camping or adventurous outings. Say goodbye to sweltering summer days and hello to a comfortable oasis wherever you go.

Effortless Installation: Installing the Eclima-2200 air conditioner is a breeze. Cut a hole on your RV’s roof, measuring 38*26cm, and seamlessly integrate the air conditioner. Connect it to your battery bank’s power line, and you’re ready to experience the convenience of on-the-go climate control.Eclima-2200’s cooling capacity is enough for you can feel the cooling air when you are camping or adventure.

Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

The Eclima2200 electric air conditioner has garnered rave reviews from our esteemed customers who have embarked on memorable journeys with enhanced comfort. Eclima2200 air conditioner has proven to be a reliable companion, providing efficient cooling and heating solutions while adding an element of style to their travel experience.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and convenience with the Kingclima Eclima2200 battery-powered air conditioner. Elevate your pickup truck converted to small RV adventures with its impressive cooling capacity, versatile design, and user-friendly installation. Whether you’re chasing the horizon on a scorching summer day or enjoying the coziness of your RV during cooler months, the Eclima2200 air conditioner ensures you’re always in control of your environment.

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