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Exported the Portable Refrigerated Boxes For Pickup Truck to Philippines

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If your pickup truck or van is dry cargo box, how to change it to a refrigerated truck for fresh or reefer food? Unlocking the potential of your pickup truck or van to transport fresh or frozen goods just got easier.

Kingclima transport refrigeration introduces an innovative solution with tailored, portable refrigerated boxes that convert your dry cargo space into a mobile refrigerator. Seamlessly combining cold boxes, electric refrigeration units, and lithium batteries, this revolutionary system is your gateway to transporting perishables efficiently.

Customized Refrigeration Service for Your Vehicle:

Our cutting-edge refrigeration systems redefine versatility. Crafted to adapt to a variety of pickup trucks and vans, these portable cold boxes provide the ultimate flexibility. Tailoring the refrigerated boxes to the precise dimensions of your cargo area is a breeze, ensuring a perfect fit that maximizes space utilization.

Advanced Materials for Optimal Performance:

At Kingclima, quality is paramount. The refrigerated box is constructed using CFRT (Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic) or color sheet material, ensuring durability and insulation efficiency. With insulation panels boasting a thickness of 75mm and a core of PU polyurethane foam, optimal heat preservation is guaranteed, safeguarding the freshness of your cargo.

Enhanced Convenience in Design:

Loaded with thoughtful features, our refrigerated boxes simplify your logistical operations. The bottom of the refrigerated boxes can be tailored with universal wheels or brackets, enabling easy forklift loading and unloading. The top features a ring-mounted fastener design, securely fixing the box within the vehicle and preventing unwanted movement during transit.

Precision Cooling and Power Options:

With a DC48V/60V motor unit integrated either inside the refrigerated boxes or mounted on top, our refrigerated boxes offer adjustable temperature settings ranging from -25℃ to 0℃. To extend operational time, optional lead-acid or lithium batteries are available at competitive prices. The battery size can be customized based on your desired refrigeration unit runtime.

Seamless Adaptation to Your Needs:

The refrigerated box‘s dimensions can be tailored to your specifications, seamlessly matched with the appropriate electric refrigeration unit. This adaptable solution caters to the diverse requirements of various pickup trucks and vans, catering to your specific transportation needs.

Elevate your pickup truck or van’s functionality by integrating a personalized refrigerated solution from Kingclima.

With a meticulous combination of customizable cold reefer boxes, electric refrigeration units, and lithium batteries, you can confidently transport fresh and frozen goods while maintaining optimal temperatures. Embrace innovation and convenience with our state-of-the-art refrigerated boxes, where functionality meets efficiency on every journey.

We are looking for distributors now, if you are interested in any refrigerated products, please contact Kingclima sales team to know more distributor policy, and as the manufacturer of refrigerated boxes, truck refrigeration units,van refrigeration units,we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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