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Exported to Senegal Multi-temperature Refrigerated Truck Body

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The Senegalese customer is a local vehicle conversion company specialized in refrigerated body.He purchased refrigerated truck based on JMC Carrying plus (Wide version). It will be about 150 units a year.

Catering to Senegalese transport refrigeration requisites and leveraging our expertise as a manufacturer of refrigerated bodies and transport refrigeration units,what we recommend to him is our Multi-temperature refrigerated truck body(50% preservation and 50% refrigeration).

The Structural Features of Kingclima Refrigerated Truck Bodies are as follows:

(1) Advanced Structure: Crafted from fiberglass+PU+fiberglass composition, ensuring exceptional strength and insulation properties.

(2) Insulated Flooring: A 100mm thick sandwich panel floor coupled with 80mm thick panels for the rest of the body, ensuring temperature uniformity.

(3) Cutting-edge Insulation: A revolutionary foam layer boasts virtually zero thermal conductivity, with PU density meeting the national AAA standard.

(4) Protection Layers: Both interior and exterior surfaces feature a resilient 2mm thick Handmade FPR coating, enhancing durability.

(5) Premium Hardware: Relying on 304 stainless steel, Aluminum Profile, and Stainless Wrap Angle, the hardware is designed for longevity.

(6) Robust Assembly: Employing high-strength adhesive and screws, the refrigerated body and Channel Steel Sub-frame are fused, ensuring structural integrity.

(7) German Vacuum Technique: Panel construction employs high-pressure vacuum technique from Germany, assuring precision and quality.

(8) Holistic Design: The refrigerated truck body is a testament to meticulous engineering – it’s robust, visually appealing, corrosion-resistant, shock-proof, and easy to maintain.

Furthermore, we offer a spectrum of optional refrigerated bodies features tailored to distinct needs:

(1) Flexible Access: Choose between double-opening side doors and single-opening side doors, optimizing loading and unloading convenience.

(2) Diverse Flooring: Opt for varied flooring materials like FRP, aluminum corrugated plate, or epoxy resin, catering to specific demands.

(3) Insulation Customization: With sandwich panel thickness ranging from 50mm to 125mm, customization options abound.

(4) Hardware Choices: Tailor your truck body with galvanized or stainless steel hardware, optimizing functionality and aesthetics.

(5) Enhanced Accessibility: We offer options like sealed curtains and climbing lifts, making loading and unloading hassle-free.

Diversifying our offerings, we extend our product line to encompass battery-electric refrigeration units for larger vehicles, truck refrigeration units, diesel engine units, integrated electric standby units, and small movable trailer refrigeration units.

Besides this, we also have battery-electric refrigeration units for bigger van, truck refrigeration units, diesel engine units, integrated electric standby units, small movable trailer refrigeration units.

We are currently recruiting global agents. If you are interested in our refrigerated truck body products, welcome to be our agents.Let’s drive the future of refrigerated transport, enhancing Senegal’s cold chain logistics one solution at a time.

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