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How to put the air conditioning unit in a campervan?

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Recently i got lot of message About running an air conditioner in a camper van. So I will try to address the most common questions in here!

For mostly,using air conditioner in the camper van is necessary!We knew that if we were going to live in a camper van, we needed to have an air conditioner. So let’s check out how to installing a air conditioner in a camper van?

Installing a campervan air conditioner can significantly enhance your comfort during trips. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the installation process:

(1) Select the Location: Choose the best location for your air conditioner unit on the campervan’s roof. Ensure it’s centered and doesn’t interfere with other rooftop fixtures or equipment.

(2) Prepare the Roof: Clean the chosen installation area thoroughly and ensure it’s free of debris. Measure and mark the mounting holes.

(3) Drill Holes: Use the drill and appropriate drill bits to create holes for the mounting brackets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for hole placement and spacing.

(4) Mounting Brackets: Securely attach the mounting brackets to the roof using the provided hardware. Make sure they are level and properly aligned.

(5) Prepare Wiring: Run the power supply cables from the interior of the campervan to the roof. Ensure they are of the correct gauge to handle the air conditioner‘s power requirements.

(6) Install the Air Conditioner: Carefully lift the air conditioner unit onto the roof, aligning it with the mounting brackets. Secure it in place using the provided hardware. Tighten the screws to ensure a snug fit.

(7) Connect Wiring: Connect the electrical wiring from the air conditioner unit to the campervan’s power supply. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper connections. Use wire cutters and crimping tools for secure connections and insulate them with electrical tape.

(8) Seal and Insulate: Apply roof sealant around the base of the air conditioner unit to create a watertight seal. Ensure there are no gaps or openings. Also, insulate the interior to prevent temperature transfer.

(9) Test the System: Turn on the campervan air conditioner and check for proper operation. Ensure it cools effectively and there are no unusual sounds or vibrations.

(10) Final Inspection: Double-check all connections, mounting hardware, and seals. Make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

(11) Cleanup: Clean up the installation area and remove any debris or excess sealant.

(12) Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain your campervan air conditioner to ensure it continues to operate efficiently.

Which Electric Air Conditioner Do We Choose?

Kingclima electric rooftop air conditioner as it has saved us from super hot days. If you are thinking of getting and installing one air conditioner in your camper van, we highly recommend the eclima3000 rooftop air conditioner.

The KingClima Eclima 3000 electric rooftop air conditioner offers several advantages, making it a popular choice for various applications:

Efficient Cooling: The Eclima 3000 provides powerful cooling performance, quickly lowering the temperature inside your vehicle. It’s suitable for various vehicle sizes, ensuring occupants stay comfortable even in hot weather.

Electric-Powered: As an electric rooftop air conditioner, the Eclima 3000 doesn’t rely on the vehicle’s engine for operation. This means you can enjoy cooling even when the engine is off, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Low Noise: This air conditioner unit is designed for quiet operation, ensuring minimal disturbance to occupants. You can enjoy a peaceful environment in your vehicle while the air conditioner keeps things cool.

Compact and Space-Saving: The rooftop design doesn’t occupy valuable interior space. This is particularly advantageous for campervans, RVs, and other vehicles where interior space is at a premium.

Easy Installation: Installing the Eclima 3000 air conditioner is relatively straightforward, and it can be mounted on various vehicle roof types. This ease of installation saves time and effort.

Remote Control: The included remote control allows you to adjust the air conditioner‘s settings conveniently from inside the vehicle. You can change the temperature, fan speed, and mode without leaving your seat.

Energy-Efficient: The Eclima 3000 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It consumes less power compared to traditional engine-driven air conditioning systems, helping to save on energy costs.

Reliable Performance: KingClima is known for its high-quality air conditioning solutions, and the Eclima 3000 air conditioner is no exception. It’s built to withstand various environmental conditions and provide reliable cooling performance.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re using it in a campervan, RV, van, or other vehicle types, the Eclima 3000 air conditioner units can adapt to different settings, providing cooling comfort wherever you go.

Install Your Campervan Air Conditioner Units:

Installing a campervan air conditioner is quite simple, since each Kingclima electric air conditioner come with all of the tools and instructions needed to do it safely, you can follow this operations step by steps.

To learn more infomation,please contact Kingclima sales team, we will contact you within 24/7.

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