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Non Independent Truck Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

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Kingclima Transport Refrigeration With high quality truck refrigeration products and excellent pre-sales and after-sales service, Kingclima Refrigeration is the first choice for companies that need efficient truck refrigeration solutions, explore our refrigeration range now and experience using truck refrigeration for you Transporting refrigerated goods brings more value.

How to choose truck refrigeration for your truck: Finding the Perfect Refrigeration Solution for Your Truck

Refrigerated trucks are key pieces of equipment in a critical link in the low-temperature cold chain logistics chain. Refrigerated trucks operate reliably and consistently during refrigerated transport, which is key to ensuring the safety of perishable and fresh foods during transport. A road transport refrigerated vehicle usually consists of three parts: a chassis, an insulated compartment and a refrigeration unit, and the importance of the refrigeration unit is obvious.

It can be used to transport frozen food, frozen pork, vegetables and fruits, fresh milk, vaccines, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

The refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck mainly consists of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator and an expansion valve. The working principle of the refrigeration unit is similar to the general single-stage vapor compression refrigeration principle, which relies on external power (mainly the vehicle-mounted engine, direct mechanical power of the unit’s own engine and electricity, etc.) to drive the compressor so that the refrigerant is continuously circulated in the system. When the refrigerant flows through the evaporator, it absorbs the heat (heat load) in the compartment by evaporation, and then releases the heat through the condenser outside the compartment, and the cycle is continuously reciprocated, so as to achieve the effect of continuous cooling.

Tips(truck refrigerator importance):

In addition to ordinary logistics equipment, facilities and strict management procedures, transport refrigeration units play an important role in delivering temperature-sensitive goods to end users and ensuring the freshness of the goods. Refrigeration and freezing equipment must continuously provide cooling (or heating) during transportation to ensure that the goods are always maintained within a controllable temperature range.

As a manufacturer of refrigeration units for trucks, kingclima is well aware of the importance of refrigeration units, so if you want to know how to choose a refrigeration unit correctly, read on!

The refrigeration units of refrigerated trucks can be divided into independent type (self-powered) and non-independent type (vehicle-powered) according to the power source. The self-contained unit has its own engine to drive the refrigeration system. Since it does not need the engine power of the vehicle, it can operate when the vehicle stops or breaks down, and its cooling (heating) capacity will not be affected by changes in the vehicle’s engine speed. Generally speaking, it can control the temperature of goods more reliably and stably. It is more suitable for long-distance distribution of large quantities of goods with high temperature requirements and front-end centralized distribution of home delivery. The non-independent unit itself does not have an engine, and mainly relies on the vehicle engine as a power source. Therefore, it requires that the vehicle engine has enough margin to provide power for the refrigeration unit, and there is enough installation space in the engine compartment to install the refrigeration compressor. . In addition, the refrigeration unit often stops working when the vehicle breaks down, which affects the safety of the cargo.

However, compared with independent units, non-independent truck units are lighter in weight, lower in noise, simple in production process and low in price. At present, non-independent truck units have become the mainstream of urban delivery and home delivery.

Advantages of non-independent truck refrigeration units:

(1) Large cooling capacity to ensure the safety of transported goods
(2) Large air volume to ensure the freshness of goods
(3) Special defrosting function, thorough defrosting
(4) Wide temperature adjustment range (-23℃ to +18℃)
(5) Full computer control, easy and safe operation
(6) Quick installation and easy maintenance, save operation cost


(1) Designed for large refrigerated vehicles
(2) The on-board compressor is driven by the vehicle engine
(3) For electric standby units, the other compressor is driven by an electric motor.

How to use truck refrigeration units normally:

  1. Vehicle inspection,
    Check the refrigerated truck body, truck refrigeration unit, fuel, battery and tires, etc,
  2. Clean the truck box:
    Prevent the garbage in the box from being sucked into the evaporator by the return air at any time, blocking the evaporator and affecting the cooling effect.
  3. Pre-cooling of goods:
    Pre-cooling is at the beginning of the cold chain and is the most important link in the cold chain of produce. Please ensure that the goods have reached the set storage temperature before loading.
  4. Packaging of produce:
    The packaging of fresh and live produce should be ventilated and plastic packaging should not be used when transporting fresh and live produce.
  5. Pre-cooling of refrigerated bodies:
    Before loading, the refrigerated car body should be pre-cooled so that the heat in the box can be dissipated and the quality of the goods can be better guaranteed.
  6. Proper loading and unloading of goods:
    When loading, please turn off the cooling unit, do not block the air inlet and outlet of the evaporator, and reserve space as scheduled.
  7. Regular start-up:
    If you do not use the refrigeration unit for a long time, please run the refrigeration unit for 10-15 minutes every 2 weeks.
  8. Regular Maintenance:
    Refrigeration units, like automobiles, require extensive maintenance to keep the unit in good working order.

Therefore, normal use of reefer trucks and attention to reefer maintenance can extend the life of reefer trucks and reefer units.

Care and Maintenance of Truck Refrigeration Units

  1. Regularly clean the cooling system of refrigerated trucks:
    Clean the cooling system of the vehicle regularly, preferably twice a year. And every spring and summer, when the catkins disappear, the engine water tank is removed from the vehicle for a thorough cleaning, and the entire refrigeration system is fully inspected to eliminate hidden defects.
    • If the temperature is too high, please try to park in the shade:
      In summer, the car itself is exposed to the scorching sun, and the body temperature will be much higher than usual, especially the temperature of the water tank and engine will be greatly increased. If the engine temperature is too high, the cylinder head gasket will be damaged, the bearing bush will be burned, and mechanical accidents will occur.

    To prevent the engine from overheating, the following points should be observed:

    1) Add sufficient cooling water.
    2) Check that the thermostat is working normally. If the thermostat cannot open the big valve in time according to the regulations, it must be replaced with a new product in time. If the new product cannot be replaced in time, the thermostat can be temporarily removed and the faulty thermostat must not be placed at the outlet of the water jacket.
    3) Park in a cool place as much as possible and pay attention to the reading of the water temperature gauge while driving, and it is required not to exceed 95°C. In special cases, the canopy can be lifted for ventilation and heat dissipation.

    Suggestions to prevent heatstroke from cold engines:

    1. Clean the evaporator and condenser in a timely manner:
      1) When cleaning the condenser, use a small brush to remove debris from top to bottom. Then rinse the surface of the condenser with clean water, preferably with a pressurized water gun. Do not apply too much pressure. During cleaning, black dirty water will come out of the condenser shell. If the water is relatively clean, the condenser is clean. Check if there is any dirt in the gap between the condenser fan and the cabinet plate and clean it in time.

    (The above actions must be performed after the machine is turned off)

    2) Most evaporators are made of copper bars, and the distance between the fins is generally between 3-6mm. It is relatively easy to clean, just use a water gun to enlarge the brush to clean.
    3) Pre-cooling the compartment in advance. The refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck is used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature of the goods. When exposed to the sun, the interior of the truck is like an oven. If the car is not pre-cooled before loading, the goods will be immediately heated by the hot air and the compartment boards, and the temperature of the goods will rise, and then the refrigerating machine will be used to cool down. is almost impossible.
    (1) Open the compartment door, swing the compartment door, let the outside air enter the compartment first and circulate several times, and let the hot air out.
    (2) Before closing the door, turn on the refrigerator for 5 minutes, let the evaporator fan work to generate air convection and discharge the hot air better, and let the refrigerator adapt to the ambient temperature first.
    (3) Close the compartment door, set the engine speed to about 2000 rpm, pre-cool the compartment (air) to the temperature required for transporting goods, and then turn off the cooling unit.

    1. Check that the parts are normal:
      1) Check if the belt or bracket screws are loose. If the belt is loose, there will be a sharp friction sound at high speed. If the screws are loose, there will be a squeaking sound of metal colliding, but because the engine is too noisy, the front of the car must be opened for inspection. Or use tools to tighten and reinforce the screws of the compressor after stopping the engine and the cooling unit.
      2) Observe whether the surface of the relatively thick pipe coming out of the compressor is cold. Generally, there will be water droplets or a wet feeling on the pipe joint of the compressor or the outer wall of the connecting pipe. If it is hot, please contact us in time for repair.

    Make an informed decision when buying truck refrigeration units

    Kingclima has more than 20 years of experience in the truck refrigeration industry. In addition to providing various types of truck units, it can also provide truck units suitable for you according to the size of your truck and the size of the truck box. Support OEM/ODM service.

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