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Refrigerated Electric Tricycle Solutions For the Food Bank

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We already knew that refrigerated transport is the key. Today’s society would not be understood without it, but today we are approaching it from the point of view of solidarity. Its advantages have not changed, they are always the same, but we have been really aware of the importance of temperature-controlled transport to help many people who eat thanks to the food bank.

We have been proud in a collateral way. Talking to the marketing director of the Fundación Banco de Alimentos de China, showed us the great work carried out by this non-profit association, which relies on volunteers to help thousands of people in need. It is in this context that refrigerated transport is used for much more. The Foundation’s mission is twofold: to prevent hunger and food shortages and to avoid food waste. Thus, transport with isothermal vans and refrigeration equipment prevents food from spoiling during distribution and, in addition, makes it possible to complete a diet of staple foods (not only fruit and vegetables but also proteins such as meat and fish). And this is made possible by being able to deliver food at a controlled temperature.

Short-Distance Deliveries Redefined: Kingclima electric refrigerated tricycle

Whether catering to short distances or courier services, Kingclima innovative electric refrigerated tricycles provide a solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of the moment. Operating on DC 48V/70V/90V voltage, these refrigerated tricycles are purpose-built for temperature-controlled deliveries over short distances. Boasting two temperature options—-30℃ for deep-frozen goods and -5℃ for perishables—these tricycles offer precise control over the transported goods’ condition.

The Components of Refrigerated Tricycles:

The electric refrigerated tricycle has 3 main parts, electric refrigeration units, refrigerated boxes and refrigerated tricycle frame. Every spare parts that can be sold separately. And the electric refrigeration units with different voltage to suit all kinds of electric refrigerated tricycles.

At the heart of our electric refrigerated three-wheeler solution is a commitment to versatility. We offer tailored solutions that cater to distinct market needs, ensuring our product aligns perfectly with varying requirements. Furthermore, we welcome collaborations with distributors, fostering a network that amplifies the reach of these impactful solutions.

Refrigerated transport has transcended its conventional role, assuming a mantle of social responsibility. Its influence extends beyond commerce, touching the lives of those in need through food banks’ vital efforts. Our electric refrigerated tricycles stand as a testament to the evolution of this technology, offering a potent solution for short-distance temperature-controlled deliveries.

For the electric refrigerated three wheeler product, we support customized service to suit different market requirement and we also welcome distributors.If you have any questions,welcome to contact us at any time.

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