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Refrigerated Trailer

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What is a refrigerated trailer?

Refrigerated trailers are insulated trailers with built-in refrigeration units, refrigerated trailers can be specially designed for cold chain transportation, which can transport perishable goods at a safe and consistent temperature. This includes fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, chemicals and flowers.

A refrigerated trailer is ideal for a variety of reasons. Buy a refrigerated trailer today and make transporting food even easier.

If you want to know more about refrigerated trailers, please contact refrigerated trailer suppliers.

How does a refrigerated trailer work?

The reefer is equipped with a closed refrigeration system designed to remove heat from the trailer in order to maintain the temperature of the product during transport. They are not designed to actually cool the product.

They function through three main components: (evaporator coil, compressor, small diesel engine)

The engine powers the compressor, which powers the evaporator coil, and as the air inside the trailer moves due to differences in air pressure, it passes through the evaporator coil. The coils remove heat from the air and send cooler air back to the trailer. In order to ensure that the refrigeration system is working properly during cold chain transportation, many drivers use refrigerated trailer temperature recorders or trailer temperature monitoring systems.

Types of Goods Carried by Refrigerated Trailers- Refrigerated Trailers for Sale

Common types of cold chain or perishable goods include

2.1 Food and Beverages

This is the most common type of cargo transported in refrigerated trailers. This includes everything from fresh produce to frozen meals.

2.2 Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals are often temperature sensitive and must be transported in a controlled environment to maintain potency and/or effectiveness.

2.3 Chemicals

To remain stable, certain chemicals and other hazardous substances must not exceed certain temperatures. They are shipped in refrigerated trailers to ensure safety during transit.

2.4 Electronic Products

Electronic equipment can be damaged by extreme temperatures, and such sensitive electronic equipment is often transported on refrigerated trailers.

2.5 Produce and frozen meat

Ensure that shipped products are delivered in the ideal environment and maintain compliance by using refrigerated trailers for shipping.

The Key Features of Refrigerated Trailers:

The key feature of a refrigerated trailer is its ability to maintain a specific temperature range within the trailer throughout the transport process. The trailer is equipped with a refrigeration unit that generates and maintains low temperatures. Tuck refrigeration units use a combination of compressor, condenser, and evaporator to control temperature and circulate cool air inside the trailer.

The temperature inside the trailer can be adjusted and controlled according to the specific needs of the cargo being transported. This ensures that perishable goods, such as fresh produce or frozen foods, are maintained at the required temperature to preserve their quality and prevent spoilage.

Refrigerated trailers are built with insulation that minimizes heat transfer from the outside environment and helps maintain the desired temperature inside the vehicle. They are also equipped with temperature sensors and monitoring systems to ensure that temperatures remain within regulations during transport.

Overall, refrigerated trailers play a vital role in maintaining the freshness and quality of perishable goods during transport, enabling temperature-sensitive products to be delivered safely to their intended destinations.

Refrigerated trailers for sale-kingclima

(The aim of everything is to keep cold!)

Whether you buy refrigerated trailers for commercial or personal use, refrigerated trailers can meet your cooling needs.

(1) Temperature control

Refrigerated trailers give you more control over your environment, and more specifically, effective temperature control. The temperature range can be adjusted from -20°C to +10°C. This allows your refrigerated trailer to be used for a variety of purposes, which is perfect if you sell a variety of products with different temperature requirements.

(2) Food preservation

A major benefit of investing in a refrigerated trailer is food preservation, and if you need to transport perishable items, these trailers can maintain the quality of your food until the end of your journey. This feature is ideal for those who require regular refrigerated shipments, such as those who sell food at markets or festivals.

These trailers are the perfect portable storage unit. It’s also worth noting that improper storage can result in damaged goods, which could cost your business replacement costs.

(3) Flexibility

The flexibility that a refrigerated trailer gives you is unmatched. It can be placed anywhere with a nearby power source, making it a perfect choice for you if you often host outdoor parties. Because refrigerated trailers also give you a lot of flexibility when traveling without restricting your trip, you can easily transport your trailer’s contents across the country and deliver fresh produce wherever you end up.

Refrigerated trailers give you complete control over what you’re shipping, the temperature, where it’s going, and more. With these well-designed refrigerated trailers, you can rest easy and forget about transporting food.

(4) Cost-effectiveness

If you plan to use your refrigerated trailer frequently, buying one is definitely the most cost-effective solution. With a refrigerated trailer for your long-term refrigerated business, you can keep the transported products at the ideal temperature anytime and anywhere, and at the same time, your refrigerated business provides longer-term benefit output.

(5) Size range

Whether you need to transport large or small shipments, a refrigerated trailer can be used. Their size range allows users flexibility when purchasing, so you can choose the perfect refrigerated trailer for your business. We can provide custom designs for refrigerated trailers from 8ft to 12ft and sizes in between.

(6) Extend shelf life and reduce spoilage

While in transit, use a refrigerated trailer to transport as many items as needed while keeping perishable items in an ideal environment.

2. Pre-departure inspection

Drivers should inspect their vehicles before traveling to make sure everything is in order before hitting the road. One critical component to check is the temperature control panel. Since the temperature must stay within a certain range, the driver should run the panel through the cycle to see if it is functioning properly. Otherwise, the temperature can get too hot or too cold, which can easily damage the product – costing both the carrier and shipper a lot of time and money. The driver should also check the exterior and interior for other malfunctions.

3. Perform daily service

If a refrigerated truck breaks down during transit, drivers may face delays or missed deliveries, damaged goods, and more. While roadside incidents can happen unexpectedly, most can be avoided with a routine maintenance schedule. Scheduling regular maintenance can help fleets spot and fix problems before they become serious. It often helps you save money by reducing breakdowns.

Our service:

   1. We are a professional manufacturer of refrigerated trailers, providing cost-effective mobile refrigerated trailer and trailer refrigeration units products.

   2. As a factory manufacturer, we provide users with competitive prices for refrigerated trailers.

   3. Good after-sales service, customized design can be made according to customer’s size requirements of refrigerated trailer.

   5. We provide customers with product maintenance and product installation guidance services.

FAQ Of Kingclima :

1. How do we guarantee the quality?

Always pre-production samples before mass production and always final inspection before shipment;

2. What can you buy from us?

The main products we sell are:

Refrigerated trailer, trailer refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units, van refrigeration units etc, years of production experience to choose the best products and refrigeration solutions for customers.

3. What services can we provide?


4. What is your Minimum Order Quality?

1 piece.

5.Q4.What about delivery time?

8-15 days.

6. What’s your agency distributor policy?

We have some different policies according to target markets, So please send emails for detailed discussions or talk face to face.

Brand new reefer trailer for sale

Kingclima is built on the basis of everything for the customer, and is committed to providing customers with the best on-time temperature-controlled, time-sensitive and food-grade transportation solutions. We will make every effort to ensure your shipment arrives in top condition.

About Kingclima Transport Refrigeration-Why Choose Us?

(1) Built with the industrial strength of a transport refrigeration product, Our company Trailer Coolers are suitable for many applications fresh or frozen.

(2) Versatile and innovative in design our Trailer Coolers area low cost alternative solution to a regular refrigerated van or truck and can be customized to your requirements, shelving, doors etc. Light weight in Construction with Composite Panel. Engineering Technology, provides a one of a kind solution that is built to last for many years of service.

(3) High Quality, Thermal Efficiency & Performance.

(4) Our company Trailer Cooler operates with 115v – 15 Amp

(5) Regular power source and can cool as low as 0°F (-18°C). 8,000 BTU of cooling power!

(6) Insulation panel system is competitively priced and out performs other spray foam systems on the market.

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