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Refrigerated Tricycle

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Reasons for the Popularity of Refrigerated Electric Tricycles:

Refrigerated tricycles are not a recent invention; their origins can be traced back to ice cream trucks in the early 20th century. However, advances in refrigeration and electric propulsion have transformed these humble carts into sophisticated vehicles capable of transporting a variety of perishable goods. Modern refrigerated tricycles now combine efficient refrigeration systems, insulating materials, and powerful electric drive trains to meet the needs of today’s urban logistics. This is the historical process of the evolution of the entire refrigerated tricycle.

Large and medium-sized refrigerated trucks produced and supplied in China can meet the cold chain transportation needs from production bases to urban reserve cold storage and large cold vegetable markets, but for short-distance intercity transportation and distribution, such as from distribution centers in cities to city blocks In retail terminals, small supermarkets and community vegetable markets, due to narrow roads, large and medium-sized refrigerated vehicles cannot reach them, and cannot complete the “last mile” of cold and fresh delivery, so food quality is generally affected during transportation. The decline of goods and the waste of goods have formed a huge waste of social resources.

With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the proportion of frozen and fresh goods in life is getting higher and higher. In the face of such a huge demand, the emergence of electric refrigerated tricycles has solved the needs of customers and solved the problem for the majority of cold chain logistics enterprises.

Refrigerated tricycle features:

DC mobile refrigerator/freezer can be combined with models of different prices and models. The combination of refrigerator/freezer and electric vehicles is small in size, easy to move, suitable for different roads, flexible to move, more convenient to travel, and low cost. Low.

The electric vehicle and the refrigerator/freezer can be charged separately and independently, and they do not affect each other. The refrigerator/freezer can meet the working needs of 6-8 hours on one charge.

As the refrigerator/freezer is suitable for 12V/24V/48V DC voltage, the operation process is guaranteed to be safe and the safety performance is higher.

It can be charged by 220V. It is green and environmentally friendly, and the cost is lower than that of using fuel. It is not affected by fuel price fluctuation and is convenient for cost evaluation.

No pollution, no emission, can reduce PM2.5, reduce noise between cities.

The refrigerator/freezer and the cooling system are combined together and can work independently. It can be equipped with various vehicle-mounted equipment, which is easy to move and convenient for customers to choose.

The carrying capacity is strong, and the body color of the refrigerated tricycle can meet the diverse needs of users.

It is more portable, flexible and comfortable, which meets the needs of different users and expands the space for users to choose.

The appearance is beautiful and elegant, sturdy and durable, and has strong durability.

The cargo box is fully thickened, and the steering is more flexible during transportation.

The DC rotary compressor is used, which has strong anti-turbulence and tiltability, and the temperature range can reach the lowest temperature of -20°C.

Energy saving and emission reduction are in line with the current environmental protection concept of green energy cooling.

High quality and professional after-sales service (12 months).

Types of Refrigerated Tricycles:

At present, the types of refrigerated tricycles in the market include fuel refrigerated tricycles and electric refrigerated tricycles for users to choose from. In addition to being suitable for fresh food distribution and cold transportation, it is also suitable for medical cold chain transportation, thus realizing a multi-functional and multi-purpose transportation mode. At the same time, in order to meet the market demand, two-wheel and four-wheel electric refrigerated vehicles are also available for you to choose.

Refrigerated tricycles are compact in design and usually have a cargo compartment installed at the rear. This compartment is equipped with refrigeration, insulation and shelving to accommodate various types of perishable goods. Tricycles are designed to be maneuverable, allowing refrigerated tricycles to navigate narrow streets, heavy traffic and limited parking spaces. These vehicles are designed to ensure the safety and stability of the goods in transit, minimizing the risk of damage or deterioration. In addition, refrigerated tricycles are increasingly incorporating energy-saving technologies such as intelligent temperature control and insulation materials to optimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

One of the main benefits of refrigerated tricycles is their positive impact on the environment. Compared to large refrigerated vehicles, the carbon emissions and energy consumption of tricycles are significantly lower. By replacing traditional gas-powered vehicles with electric refrigerated tricycles, companies can help reduce air and noise pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. This shift is in line with global sustainability goals and allows cities to improve their overall environmental footprint.

Refrigerated tricycles are revolutionizing last-mile cold chain delivery by combining mobility, refrigeration and sustainability. They are small and highly maneuverable.

Advantages of Electric Refrigerated Tricycles:

Not only can it effectively avoid the improvement of logistics freight between cities, but it can also effectively alleviate the current socio-economic and social environment,reduce the contribution of freight transportation to urban CO2 emissions.

Therefore, the experiment of using electric refrigerated tricycles to replace traditional delivery vehicles shows that the advantages of electric refrigerated tricycles include not only reducing logistics costs, but also alleviating traffic problems, reducing environmental pollution, and increasing employment.

As we all know, compared with other means of transportation, electric refrigerated tricycles are cheaper but more portable, so they are a good choice for users of refrigerated short-distance transportation.

How to choose a refrigerated tricycle?

Kingclima refrigeration can provide a full range of electric refrigerated tricycle solutions for your refrigerated tricycle.

The structure of the refrigerated tricycle includes a refrigerated box and a refrigeration unit, so when you choose an electric refrigerated tricycle, you can choose according to your needs
Ambient temperature, goods to be transported and other requirements, choose the most suitable electric refrigerated tricycle product with the help of our sales team.

Electric three-wheeled refrigerated vehicles mainly have two forms: single vehicle and trailer. For short-distance distribution or vehicles with less cargo used in urban areas, districts and counties, refrigerated trucks with medium and light truck chassis can be used; for long-distance transportation, the transportation volume is large, you need to use medium-heavy vehicles, or use refrigerated trucks.

Refrigerated vehicles in the form of semi-trailers. The main components that affect the performance of the refrigerated truck are the chassis, the insulated compartment and the refrigeration unit. Only when the quality of these three parts meets the standard can the reliable and stable performance of the refrigerated trike during transportation be guaranteed.

Main Features of Refrigerated Tricycle:

Really powerful cooling capacity, large air volume. Environmentally friendly.

The key components use high quality and durable raw materials, and the service life is longer.

Easy to install and operate. Passed CE certification.

Support OEM and ODM design.

Parameter configuration of electric refrigerated tricycle:

(1) Temperature: refrigerated at 0°C-10°C, frozen at -18°C

(2) Electronic temperature control: can display power, voltage, temperature display

(3)The box size of refrigerated box, the style of refrigerated electric tricycle, and the battery configuration can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

In terms of performance, insulated vehicle is a special vehicle for transporting perishable goods such as fish, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. These goods need to maintain certain temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions during the transportation process, so the body of insulated vehicle is equipped with heat insulating materials, and the vehicle is equipped with cooling devices, heating devices, temperature measuring devices and ventilation devices, etc. , insulation and heating three characteristics.

Main features of refrigerated box body of electric refrigerated tricycle

The box body of the refrigerated tricycle is made of polyurethane foam board with a density of 45 kg on the insulation material. The foam is uniform and the density is guaranteed. It can effectively insulate heat and prevent the leakage of cold air, which can ensure the effect of cold transportation. It can also save energy consumption and transportation cost, which is more in line with the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Thus, combined with today’s intercity refrigerated transportation, refrigerated tricycles have become a new solution for the transportation industry, especially for last-mile cold chain delivery. These innovative vehicles combine the advantages of compact mobility and refrigeration technology to efficiently transport perishable goods in urban areas.

Application case:

Refrigerated tricycles have applications in a variety of industries, including grocery delivery, grocery stores, food service, and pharmaceutical distribution. Their compact size, flexibility and ability to access areas inaccessible to larger vehicles make them ideal for urban delivery. Businesses that use refrigerated tricycles benefit from reduced operating costs, increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction and enhanced sustainability. Consumers also benefit from fresher, safer products delivered directly to their door.

Meeting the challenges of the future:

While refrigerated tricycles have many advantages, they also present challenges. Limited cargo capacity, shorter range compared to larger vehicles, and the need for charging infrastructure are some of the issues that need to be addressed. However, continued advances in battery technology, range extension, and charging infrastructure development are expected to mitigate these challenges and improve the viability of refrigerated tricycles in the long term.

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