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refrigerated truck body

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In the process of transporting frozen products, with the continuous development of the economy, the new refrigerated transportation method, which uses refrigerated boxes for efficient refrigeration and heat preservation, has gradually emerged and become popular. The transportation of frozen meat, frozen seafood, egg and dairy products and other goods is inseparable from refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated trucks can make food fresher and improve people’s nutritional quality; they are also an important part of cold chain logistics.

(1) Structure of Refrigerated Trucks:

Insulated box:

The refrigerated box is composed of insulated panels, commonly known as “sandwich composite panels” in the industry. The panels consist of inner and outer skins, insulation layers, and skeletons that are bonded together with special adhesives.

The inner and outer skins, which are the inner and outer surface materials of the boxboard, have a dense structure compared with other materials such as galvanized iron sheet and stainless steel sheet, and at the same time have better corrosion resistance, heat insulation performance and impermeability. It is easy to clean and has a good heat preservation effect. It is made of 2.5mm glass fiber reinforced plastic, so it is more convenient to repair when there are cracks and bulges.

For the box frame, refrigerator truck manufacturers basically choose galvanized steel pipe frame, coupled with wooden frame structure, the purpose of this production is not only to play a supporting role, but also to facilitate the splicing and sealing of the box body.

For the insulation layer, the best material currently used is polyurethane, which is made of foamed pressed board with a thickness of 8cm.

The type of container used to transport the goods:

Containers are used to transport refrigerated goods, so their type is naturally closely related to the category of goods. For example, when transporting goods such as small ice creams, multi-layer refrigerators are required, which make better use of the interior space of the refrigerated truck and have a large transport volume; if the goods to be transported at one time require different refrigeration temperatures, then multi-door refrigerated containers are required Car, the compartment is divided into several independent spaces, and each closed compartment has a different temperature and is suitable for different goods. If the door of a single compartment is opened, it will not affect the cooling and preservation effect of other compartments.

Ventilation slits

The refrigerator is also inseparable from the vents. Most of the ventilation slits are made of aluminum alloy, which can effectively improve the cooling efficiency of the cooler inside the box, enhance the cooling cycle inside the box, and help save fuel costs. When the inside of the box is full, the cold air can only blow to the topmost goods. If there are vents, the cold air will pass through the vents at the top, back, and bottom of the box, and will be in a state of cold air circulation, separating the goods from the box. Prevent the two from colliding to ensure the integrity of the goods and the integrity of the box, and prolong the service life of the box.

Side Door for Refrigerated Trucks

It makes the loading and unloading of workers faster and more convenient, and it can also effectively reduce the discharge of cold air.

Meat hook guide rail for refrigerated truck

Generally, slaughterhouses, meat joint factories and individual retail investors will choose this configuration, which is conducive to the freshness and loading capacity of white striped pork or beef and mutton, and the top of the box body must be pre-embedded. ribs.
Refrigerated trucks with aluminum patterns on the waist
Effectively protect the box structure and prolong the life of the box.

Refrigeration units truck cargo buckle

It is used to fix the goods in the box when the goods are not fully loaded, so as to prevent the goods from moving back and forth and damaging the box during the driving process of the vehicle, which will later affect the insulating effect of the box.

Insulating panel for refrigerated vehicles

In case the box cannot be fully utilized, the use of insulating panels can save the cost of refrigeration.

Cooling unit

The refrigeration unit is the heart of a refrigerated truck. Generally, it is divided into independent units and non-independent units. Customers can choose the right cooling unit according to their own advantages and suitable transportation conditions, so as to effectively improve economic benefits.

The self-contained unit uses a separate diesel engine for power. Even if the refrigerated truck is turned off or the engine fails, the refrigerated truck can still operate normally. Various unexpected situations may occur during long-distance transportation, so independent units are more suitable for long-distance cold chain transportation, and independent engines can ensure the effect of cargo freezing.

The non-independent unit and the refrigerated truck use the same engine, which has a simple structure, so there are fewer failures and the maintenance price is cheap, but it cannot work independently when the engine fails. Therefore, non-independent units are suitable for short-distance transportation because there is less possibility of engine failure in short distances, and transportation costs can be saved.


Meat hooks, slides, ventilation slots and cooling units are installed inside the box. Users can selectively install these configurations according to their own needs. As for the built-in cooling unit, it can transport vegetables, meat, medicine, beverages, ice cream, snacks, vaccines, etc., at a constant temperature or frozen to ensure the freshness of the transported food.

Problems that may occur while using the cooler:

Drum kit

The box is bulging. First determine the area of the bulge, and then drill some holes in the bulge. The number of holes depends on the area of the dent and the degree of the dent. Leave one hole. This plastic film is mainly used to prevent the colloid from contaminating the boxboard during glue injection. Then use a glue gun to inject compound glue provided by the box manufacturer into the hole and squeeze it while injecting glue until a hole is made in the hole. Stop injecting glue until the glue flows out by itself.

Then use a new piece of plastic to cover the hole. Be careful not to tear the plastic. Find a board or steel plate with a relatively flat cross section to press against. Use the steelyard attached to the car to choose a suitable support method to secure the board or steel plate. After 10 hours, the dent will be gone and all repairs can be removed.

For the sake of appearance, you may choose to scrape off the excess colloid with the back of the blade. Be careful not to use the blade to scrape, as the blade will leave scratches on the plywood. Finally, use the same or similar color on the box board to repair the hole. Apply the paint so that the overall appearance of the finished box is not too abrupt.

The box body of the refrigerated truck is mainly to play the role of heat preservation. For F-type meat hook truck, it is also necessary to consider the load bearing capacity of the roof. Otherwise, the maintenance cost of the whole vehicle will be much higher than the sales cost.

Roof Cracking

The reason for cracking is that the loaded cargo exceeds the maximum load bearing capacity of the roof, and this kind of problem has a higher probability of appearing on the F-type meat hook truck.

There are two main factors that contribute to the appearance of buckling. The first is the manufacturer’s manufacturing process. The panel manufacturing was not completed within the specified time, which is also related to the panel manufacturing environment. The second is that the owner did not follow the cargo loading specifications for refrigerated trucks. During loading, the cargo hits the plate and causes bulging, so it is very important to choose a refrigerated box manufacturer with quality assurance.

Therefore, if the top plate of the reefer is cracked, it is best to contact the body manufacturer for repair.

Maintenance Tips for Refrigerated Trucks

Dust easily accumulates on the back of the refrigerator, which is not conducive to heat dissipation. In this case, you can use a feather duster to remove the dust.

If the surface of the refrigerator is dirty, it can be washed with soapy water and then coated with a layer of oil.

If the refrigerator has a strange smell and needs to be cleaned, it can be cleaned with warm water or neutral detergent.

The door seal of the refrigerator can be washed with soapy water, but remember not to use too much water to prevent moisture from penetrating.

The condenser of the refrigerator should be cleaned regularly so as not to reduce its cooling capacity.

If there is too much frost in the refrigerator, pour out the water in the evaporator before handling to avoid water overflow during defrosting.

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