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Rooftop AC Unit For Van

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Looking for van air conditioners for sale? Discover the perfect cooling solution for your van, motor home, or recreational vehicle (RV). Our AC system selection includes a wide range of options, from rooftop air conditioners designed specifically for vans to aftermarket air conditioners that provide efficient cooling on the go. Whether you’re converting a van or need to upgrade your existing van’s AC system, our selection of van air conditioners and van rooftop air conditioners has you covered. Explore our van AC collection today and stay cool on your next adventure.

Stay Cool on Your Van Adventures-China Manufactured Van Air Conditioners

Maintaining a comfortable and pleasant temperature in the car while driving is crucial for users who must use the air conditioner in their vehicle. In your van or campervan, rooftop air conditioners offer the ideal way to stay cool and create a comfortable environment.

Van Air Conditioners: A Must Have For Van

The camper van air conditioner has become an indispensable accessory for van lovers and travelers. “Van air conditioner” generally refers to the cooling device in the van air conditioning system, and it is also the most core component of the structure of the van air conditioning system. It is mainly composed of air conditioning compressor, condenser, evaporator, liquid storage dry filter, expansion valve, electronic control system, air volume distribution system, refrigerant, refrigeration lubricating oil, air conditioning pipe and other parts.

The Structure/Working Principle Of Van Air Conditioners:

Air Conditioning Compressor: The air conditioning compressor is driven by the generator belt, and the power is transmitted through the electromagnetic clutch, which maintains the circulation of refrigerant at a certain pressure in the refrigeration system, and sucks the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant vapor from the evaporator. It compresses it to increase its pressure and temperature, and sends it to the condenser to dissipate heat and reduce temperature and pressure.

Condenser: The function of the condenser is to discharge the high-temperature, high-pressure gaseous refrigerant discharged from the air conditioning compressor to the outside air through the condenser, so that the high-temperature, high-pressure gaseous refrigerant is condensed into a higher-temperature, high-pressure liquid. It is usually installed at the front of the engine water tank and shares the cooling fan with the engine water tank.

Evaporator: The function of the evaporator is to boil and vaporize the liquid refrigerant after throttling and decompression in the evaporator, absorb the heat of the surrounding air on the surface of the evaporator to cool down, and then the fan blows the cold air into the compartment to achieve the purpose of cooling. The evaporator is usually installed inside the cab workbench.

Expansion Valve: The expansion valve is also called thermal expansion valve. It is installed before the evaporator. The second is to automatically adjust the flow of refrigerant so that the refrigerant entering the evaporator evaporates just inside the evaporator.

Liquid storage dry filter: Liquid storage dry filter is generally assembled with the condenser, used to temporarily store the refrigerant liquefied in the condenser and perform drying and filtering treatment, so as to keep the refrigerant dry and clean, and prevent the impurities, dirt, etc. from blocking the filter screen and expansion valve, scratching the cylinder wall, plunger and bearing of the air conditioner compressor, and prevent the moisture in the refrigerant from freezing and blocking the expansion valve. Generally, liquid storage dryer filters are used in expansion valve refrigeration systems. Absorb the liquid refrigerant in the refrigerant to prevent liquid impact on the air conditioner compressor.

Electronic control system: In order to make the automobile air conditioning system work normally and maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity in the compartment, a series of control elements and adjustment actuators are required in the system, which are usually controlled by microcomputers, mainly including temperature controllers, high and low voltage switches, overheating protection switches, air conditioning amplifiers, air conditioning relays, temperature sensors inside and outside the car, etc.

Refrigerant: Refrigerant, also called coolant, is the working medium in the refrigeration system to complete the refrigeration cycle. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of the object to be cooled in the evaporator and evaporates into a low-pressure vapor, then is compressed into a high-pressure vapor by the compressor, transfers heat to the cooling medium (such as air or water) in the condenser and is condensed into a liquid, and then after throttling and reducing the pressure, it is returned to the evaporator for continuous refrigeration. Therefore, the refrigerant is an important carrier for the refrigeration unit to complete the energy exchange, and the characteristics of the refrigerant play a very important role in the performance of the automotive air conditioning system. The refrigerant commonly used in automotive air conditioners is R134a, which is environmentally friendly and does not damage the ozone layer.

Refrigeration lubricating oil: The lubricating oil used in air conditioner compressors is called freezing lubricating oil. It is a special lubricating oil that operates normally under high and low temperature conditions. Its main function is to lubricate the surface of bearings, pistons and other parts of the air conditioner compressor to reduce running resistance and wear, reduce power loss and prolong the service life of parts; Second, it has the function of cooling, almost removing the heat generated by the friction of the moving surface, and preventing the compressor from overheating; Third, it can penetrate into each friction surface to form an oil seal, which can prevent refrigerant leakage; Fourth, it can reduce the operating noise of the compressor, continuously wash the friction surface, remove the wear debris, and reduce the wear of the friction parts.

Precautions in the process of using van air conditioner:

Close all windows when the air conditioner is on

Sometimes when the van a unit is turned on, the van will feel a little hot. Some people will choose to open the window halfway to make the temperature inside the car suitable. This may not have the best effect. Facing this situation, you only need to adjust the air conditioner according to your actual situation. Opening the roof window for ventilation may have the opposite effect.

Do not turn on the air conditioner when the car is parked for a long time

If your van is parked for a long time, the closed space will make the air inside the car cloudy and even produce some unpleasant smell, so you should first open the outside circulation after getting in the car and wait for the bad smell to be completely exhausted. Then turn on the air conditioner. Especially for cars that have been parked under the sun for a long time, the air conditioner cannot be turned on immediately after getting in the car, because the temperature inside the car is very high, and the speed of turning on the air conditioner to cool the hot air is not as fast as opening the windows and letting the car change the air by itself. Or you can try to open and close the door continuously to let the hot air out of the vehicle.

The internal and external circulation of the air conditioner should be switched

As the name suggests, the external circulation is to let the fresh air from outside into the car, and by the way, the air inside the car is discharged out of the car. During the driving process of the car, if the internal circulation is always turned on, the air in the car will not be able to circulate normally, so that everyone will be choked by the unpleasant smell. motion sickness, etc.

Be sure to turn off the A/C button after turning off the flame

As we all know, the A/C key is the cooling key, and it is also the on-off control of the air conditioning compressor. The air conditioning system of the car will generate moisture during use. Combined with the high temperature of the engine, it will cause peculiar smell in the air conditioning pipe after a long time, so I forgot to turn off the A/C button when I got out of the car, and the air conditioner will automatically discharge the peculiar smell in the pipe into the car when it is just started, which will immediately affect the passenger’s experience. In addition, when the engine is just started, the air conditioner will automatically turn on, and the engine will have a relatively large load, because there will be a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car that has been closed for a long time. short.

Advantages of van air conditioners:

(1) All in one unit, roof mounted type, easy installation.

(2) Strong and fast cooling.

(3) Wide applications: it can be used for vans and caravans and so on.

(4) Extra slim and compact design of 18cm height.

(5) Full electric system, there is no need to start the engine to provide power when parking.

(6) Low power consumption min 300W, with ECO mode to save electricity, could meet the cooling demand in the vans.Applicable to 14”x14” skylights without separate holes.

(7) Air outlet plate height only 4cm. Injection molded, anti-aging, no deformation, air conditioning internal insulation layer is made of environmentally friendly materials and flame retardant, green travel.

(8) With voltage protection function, the battery voltage is automatically disconnected when the battery voltage is low to the minimum starting voltage of the vehicle.

Kingclima can provide different type air conditioners to meet the cooling needs of different users, provide OEM/ODM services, and support customized design services.

Rated Cooling Capacity600W-2800W/9660BTU
Rated Current25A-60A
Air Volume450m3/h
Time of endurance10 hours (Intelligent frequency control)
Control modePWM
Air outlet plate height(mm)40mm
ApplicationVan,Camper,RV etc.
Unique Features of Van Air Conditioners

Pros of van air conditioners:

Comfort: When the outdoor temperature is high, the air conditioner will make you feel comfortable in the truck compartment.

Safety: In hot climates, not having air conditioning can be a safety hazard (especially if you have pets or small children, which can be changed by using air conditioning).

Improve air quality: Air conditioners can effectively promote air circulation, thereby improving air quality levels and reducing the risk of asthma attacks.

Reduce Humidity: If you do not have a van living air conditioning system, you may experience higher humidity levels.

Reduce the disturbance of insects: Air conditioners can keep out insects and parasites (it will be very helpful for your trip if you are traveling in forested areas).

So using van air conditioner can effectively improve your comfort and well-being.Investing in a reliable van air conditioner can be a great way to change up your journey for van enthusiasts and travelers alike.

No matter what electric air conditioner you are looking for, these cooling solutions will ensure you are comfortable on hot summer days and provide a pleasant environment for your drive. Don’t let the heat hold you back – stay cool , enjoy your trip, choose kingclima electric air conditioner, and find the van air conditioner that suits you.

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