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Solving Short-Distance Cold Chain Transportation Challenges

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At present, the cold chain industry is still facing urgent problems, such as the “last mile” of cold chain distribution. Due to the imperfect cold chain system, the phenomenon of “chain broken” and “cold removal” in distribution affects the quality and safety of fresh products.

High Demands for Timely Delivery in Fresh Food and Take-Out Meals

In the realm of fresh food and take-out meal delivery, speed is paramount, and timeliness within the cold chain distribution is of utmost importance. While the advent of cold chain express trucks and electric refrigerated tricycles has enhanced delivery efficiency, it has also emerged as a pivotal solution for tackling the challenges associated with the critical “last mile” of cold chain distribution.

Equipping the Chain with Professional Cold Chain Tools

The adoption of full-process cold chain transportation, coupled with tailor-made professional fresh boxes, presents an effective strategy to preserve product freshness. These specialized containers act as guardians of freshness, expertly locking in the quality while offering the benefits of recyclability and environmental sustainability.

Introducing KingClima’s Cold Chain Transport Solutions

for instance, our cold chain transport refrigerated boxes available in dimensions of 1.5*1*1 or 1.8*1.2*1.2, accompanied by DC-powered cooler units, ensuring uncompromised freshness,The advantages are undeniable.

It has these features:

(1) Compact, Mobile, and Economical: Our DC mobile refrigerators are compact, easily maneuverable, and cost-effective. Their versatility allows seamless integration with various vehicle models.

(2) Dual Charging Simplicity: The electric vehicle and refrigerator can be charged independently, ensuring no interference between the two systems. With just one charge, a remarkable 6-8 hours of operation can be achieved.

(3) Precise Temperature Control: Achieve refrigeration temperatures of 2-8 degrees Celsius and freezing capabilities as low as -18 degrees Celsius.

Quality Construction of kingclima refrigerated boxes for Optimal Performance:

Kingclima refrigeated boxes are meticulously crafted with Polyurethane material. The interior plates feature stainless steel at the bottom and color plates for the rest, all encapsulated in a layer of insulation. Details such as aluminum alloy edging underscore durability. The battery, a built-in 45Ah*4 power source, ensures an impressive 8-hour operational span.

Addressing the challenges of short-distance cold chain transportation demands innovative solutions. KingClima’s offerings stand as a testament to our commitment to effective temperature-controlled logistics. Experience the next level of cold chain reliability with us.

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