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The Cold Chain Transportation tools: electric bicycles

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Kingkclima as the professional Transport Refrigeration Units manufacturer in China, Kingclima not only supply transport refrigeration units (including of truck refrigeration units,van refrigeration units,trailer refrigeration units), but also sell electric refrigeration units for refrigerated two-wheeled motorcycles and refrigerated tricycles etc.

So How do electric refrigerated bicycles become cold chain transportation tools?

In some remote areas, when some mountain roads or remote places cannot be reached by ordinary refrigerated tricycles, cold chain transportation of electric bicycles has became a popular choice for transportation.

We have refrigerated and freezer compartments and refrigeration units specially equipped for electric refrigerated motorcycles.

PS: if you are wanna buy refrigerated electric bicycles, please contact us without hesistation.

The main structure of the Electric Refrigerated Cargo Bicycles:

(1) Car body: The inner and outer skins are sprayed with steel plate, and the materials of FRP and stainless steel can also be customized. The car body is made of PU polyurethane integrated injection foaming, and the thickness of the insulation layer is 58mm, which has a good insulation effect. The car body is designed to hold the built-in refrigeration unit and the battery on the other.

(2) Refrigeration unit system: The refrigeration unit uses a DC rotor frequency conversion compressor, which is a battery-driven compressor specially mounted on the vehicle. It has no fuel and low maintenance cost. It has the advantages of anti-turbulence and tilting.

(3) Frame of refrigerated electric bicycle: stylish appearance, powerful battery, vacuum tires, speed change handle, car basket, turn signal. The car body is small and exquisite, it can shuttle through the lanes and over the mountains.

Installation steps of electric refrigeration units on refrigerated electric bicycles

(1) The electric refrigeration unit for bicycles is installed on one side of the lower side of the car body, and the other side is a 48v60ah battery, which can be used for 6-8 hours.

(2) The installation is very simple, directly installed on the back of refrigerated electric motorcycles, used for short-distance transportation of refrigerated and frozen food and selling ice cream, etc.

Kingclima Refrigerated Electric Bicycles Seneriao Display:

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