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The difference of Refrigerated Trucks and Cold Chain Vehicles

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In the category of fresh cold chain, the difference between the definition of “cold chain” and “cold storage” is often puzzling. What is the difference between a cold chain vehicle and a refrigerated truck? Is it the same kind of transportation? Unraveling the nuances between a cold chain vehicle and a refrigerated truck is paramount, as they serve distinct roles within the spectrum of temperature-controlled transportation.

Cold Chain Vehicle: Sustaining Uninterrupted Freshness

A cold chain vehicle is an orchestration of precision across the entirety of the transportation process. From loading and unloading to mode changes and packaging transitions, its purpose is to ensure that the goods in transit maintain a specified temperature throughout their journey. This vigilance safeguards the quality and integrity of the transported items, making it a pivotal player in preserving freshness.

From the definition point of view, there is no doubt that the cold chain vehicle maintains a certain temperature, while the refrigerated trucks uses the refrigeration unit to keep fresh.

Refrigerated Trucks: Guardians of Temperature

A refrigerated truck primarily focuses on temperature control during transit, offering a vital solution for the movement of perishable commodities.

In the process of refrigerated transportation, the temperature fluctuation is one of the main reasons for the decline of food quality, so the means of transportation should have good performance, at the same time of maintaining the specified low temperature, but also to maintain a stable temperature, long-distance transportation is particularly important.

At present, the refrigerated transportation in China is mainly automobile transportation. According to the degree of food processing, cold chain transportation can be divided into primary agricultural products and processed food. Primary agricultural products include vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, aquatic products and flower products; processed foods include frozen foods, packaged cooked foods such as poultry, meat and aquatic products, ice cream and dairy products, and fast food raw materials.

Different foods have different temperature requirements for preservation, so the types of vehicles needed for transportation are also different.

Kingclima Truck Transport Refrigerations Units For Refrigerated Truck

Cold chain transportation is an intricate spectrum categorized by different temperature requisites. There are three primary segments within this paradigm:

Fresh Keeping: Nurturing the perishables such as vegetables, fruits, and aquatic products. The transportation temperature hovers around 2-8°C, ensuring their enduring freshness.

Cold Fresh: Resonating with items like cured meat products, river seafood, and vaccines, this category maintains a temperature range between 0°C and -5°C, preserving their quality while ensuring safe transit.

Frozen Goods: Aiming to maintain temperatures between -10°C and -18°C, this segment encompasses quick-frozen foods, frozen seafood, and various frozen meat products.

Should you seek excellence in this realm, KingClima stands as your partner, offering premium solutions for a seamless cold chain experience.

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