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“Protect Your Cargo: Invest in Quality Truck Refrigeration to Ensure Safe and Fresh Transport”

The importance of transporting goods at a specific temperature

It is important to protect food by maintaining it at the required temperature during transportation to prevent the proliferation of microorganisms that could affect the quality and safety of the food.

Preserving perishables

Of course, the number one reason temperature control is essential in transportation and logistics is to preserve perishable items. Milk, eggs, frozen vegetables, meat, ice cream, fresh fruit, certain medical supplies, and certain electronics all require constant temperatures to arrive at their destination intact. Without temperature control, these items can become moldy, unusable or damaged, making them unsafe for consumers.

Ensuring Quality or Freshness

Although some items, such as some fresh fruit, are not as temperature-sensitive as others, companies choose to ship them in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure the quality and freshness of the product. While companies can ship flowers in a non-temperature controlled environment, the flowers may wilt and be in poor condition. Although the products were technically intact, they were no longer fresh or of good quality.

Improve customer satisfaction

Every business wants to improve customer satisfaction. When a company has satisfied customers, sales and profits are sure to follow. In addition, when a company experiences increasing customer satisfaction, it means it will retain existing customers and attract new ones. Temperature-controlled logistics allows companies to efficiently and successfully ship perishable items, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition.

Protect your business reputation

When a business has a great reputation, it opens the door for growth and expansion. Temperature-controlled shipping and logistics allow businesses to deliver the highest quality goods to consumers. Your company’s reputation will grow as consumers continue to receive goods in good condition.

Maintain partner relationships

Many distributors rely on their retailers to sell their products to the public. However, retailers want products to arrive in the best possible condition. In fact, many retailers will inspect your products to make sure they are quality products before they put them on their shelves. To maintain positive relationships with retailers, companies use cold chain transportation to ensure that perishable products arrive safe and sound.

How truck refrigeration works:

Efficient transportation of refrigerated and frozen goods is critical to keeping your customers’ refrigerated shipping operations running, but not everyone understands how the refrigeration process works, so read on if you don’t!

How does a refrigerated truck work?

The first step is to retain heat
Refrigeration Process – Condenser, Compressor and Evaporator

Three different mechanisms work together to keep the cargo compartment cold – the condenser, compressor and evaporator. The condenser is a long metal tube that absorbs heat from the cargo hold – the tubes are filled with a technologically advanced refrigerant that turns to gas when it absorbs enough heat.

At this point, the gas is sucked into a compressor, where the gaseous substance is greatly compressed and all the molecules are crushed together into a state of matter similar to the contents of a can of deodorant.

Once maintained at high pressure, the gas is transferred to the evaporator. The mechanism uses air from the outside and forces it through the compressed gas, which cools the gas enough to return to its previous state while releasing heat energy back to the outside. Once this happens, the gas returns to the condenser and the cycle begins again.

As a distributor of transport refrigeration unit in China, kinglima refrigeration brand is proud to provide first-class service of truck refrigeration unit to users all over the world. From 2002 to the present, with more than 20 years of experience

Refrigeration experience, we are committed to providing customers in the refrigerated transportation industry with the highest quality refrigerated unit products, providing the highest level of convenience and value for your transportation needs.

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Benefits of investing in quality truck refrigeration

What do you transport?

Refrigerated trucks are useful for transporting a variety of products beyond what is usually thought of as food.

The flower delivery service needs refrigerated transport if they do not want the product they deliver to wilt.

Even technology and electronics companies could benefit from climate-controlled vehicles. High temperatures can damage many expensive electronic devices in transit.

Items such as medical products and pharmaceuticals rely heavily on temperature-controlled vehicles. Some people can’t live without them!

Also, certain chemicals, even those found in cologne or perfume, can be negatively affected by an overheated vehicle.

Find the truck refrigeration unit that best suits your needs

Not sure where to start? Whether you’re refrigerating food to keep it from spoiling, we can help! Contact us to learn more. Whether transporting hot meals that need to be kept fresh, truck refrigeration units can meet your needs, so for users, investing in truck refrigeration units is investing in your refrigerated transportation business.

Industries that require transport refrigeration units

These industries include

Restaurant/Food Service Industry. Restaurants often need to deliver meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other related products. All of these items must be fresh and safe to eat, so temperature-controlled shipping is critical.

Grocery Industry. Similar to restaurants, grocery stores require fresh produce, meats, dairy, juices and more. These items must be shipped fresh and at a controlled temperature so they can be unloaded into the grocery store’s freezers and refrigerators.

Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industry. Many critical pharmaceuticals and medical devices also require temperature control. As a result, many hospitals and pharmacies also rely on refrigerated truck shipments.

Museum/Art Gallery Industry. Fine art and archaeological artifacts, especially ancient historical artifacts, are fragile and sensitive to temperature. As a result, these industries often rely on refrigerated trucks to safely transport items from one location to another.

“Stay ahead of the game: Why refrigerated trucks are a must for your business”

The growing need for refrigerated transport

Global trade in perishable goods has increased in recent years and is expected to continue to grow as the scope of cold chain transportation continues to expand. This has resulted in a high demand for the rapid transport of fresh perishable goods, and there is an increasing need to transport products such as fruit, meat, seafood and dairy products, as well as non-food products such as pharmaceuticals and flowers, throughout the transport process. Maintaining the required temperature during the process also helps to maximize the shelf life of the product, while ensuring year-round availability of seasonal products.

What are the benefits of refrigerated trucks?

To ensure reliable and consistent refrigeration performance, fleets are increasingly relying on refrigeration units built into transport vehicles to keep products at the desired temperature throughout the transport process.

(1) Battery Direct Drive

The main feature of the DC electric refrigeration unit is that it is powered by the vehicle’s battery or auxiliary battery pack, which eliminates the dependence on the original vehicle engine. No need for compressor support, easy installation, energy saving and environmental protection.
(2) Low cost and less maintenance

Saving your trucks at least 1000+ liters of fuel per year while delivering fresh means you can
You can save a fortune on your truck.

(3) Low noise, whether you are day or night, it can meet your refrigerated transportation delivery needs.

(4) Durable, with a service life of more than 5 years.

In addition to reliable products and cooperative services, we also provide customized solutions for refrigerated truck cooling units for different customers.

How refrigerated trucks can enhance a company’s reputation?

Transporting temperature-sensitive products such as fruits, vegetables, and frozen meals can be challenging. Food distributors need a reliable way to safely deliver goods to customers without compromising product quality and safety. If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to transport your product, stay flexible, and save on maintenance costs, it may be time to consider a refrigerated unit system.

By adding reefer units to your fleet, you can minimize costs and use the funds for other investments, giving you a greater return on investment as you grow your various businesses, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Conclusion-truck refrigeration units

Using a refrigerated unit has many benefits for your business, it can help you save money, allow you to request a specific truck that best suits your needs and is flexible enough to meet your business needs. By working with a reputable partner, you will find more efficient ways to run your business while reducing costs.

“Maximizing efficiency and reliability”

Benefits of Regularly Maintaining Your Refrigerated Truck

(1) Increased reliability

High reliability is critical for your transport refrigeration unit. The importance of a reliable refrigeration unit is equivalent to having a reliable power source at the cold storage location.
(2) Reduce Unnecessary Downtime

Breakdowns will happen, it’s inevitable. However, regular maintenance of your refrigeration equipment will help keep unplanned downtime to a minimum.

(3) By following a regular maintenance schedule, you can identify common refrigeration problems and plan ahead to fix them before they become major problems.

(4) Reduce the total cost of ownership by maintaining refrigerated transport units on a regular basis; cost and efficiency are always key considerations for success.

“Keep Your Products Fresh Anywhere – Versatility of Truck Refrigeration Units

Refrigerated trucks can transport a wide variety of goods, from food to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, for proper cargo handling and storage.

Take your business on the road:

Choose kingclima transport refrigeration to provide high quality truck refrigeration units for your truck refrigeration business and expand your commercial refrigeration range.

Kingclima Transport Refrigeration, as a leading transport refrigeration unit manufacturer and primary truck refrigeration unit supplier, promises to provide the best service with the sincere heart, the most preferred princes and professional team. to contact us.

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