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Truck Refrigeration Solutions for SAIC MAXUS LDV80/LDV90 Trucks

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In recent years, the surge in popularity of SAIC Maxus’ LDV80 and LDV90 trucks in Australia has been remarkable. These vehicles have carved a niche for themselves, and to cater to the Australian market, we proudly present a comprehensive range of truck refrigeration system solutions for the LDV80 trucks.

Our offering encompasses a meticulously designed 3.2M2.48M2M refrigerated box, composed of a robust 95mm thick fiberglass-reinforced plastic panel exterior coupled with efficient PU polyurethane foam insulation. These boxes are ingeniously paired with the K-560S engine-driven refrigeration units that also boast electric standby capabilities for uninterrupted cooling, even when the truck is stationary.

Kingclima-Truck Refrigeration Units Exported to Australia

We provide Australian customers with a complete set of truck refrigeration systems for LDV80 trucks, including 3.2M2.48M2M refrigerated box (95mm thick fiberglass reinforced plastic panels + PU polyurethane foam) and K-560S engine driven refrigeration units with electric standby unit ( When the truck stops, you can connect an external AC220V power supply to refrigeration unit continue to work).

A standout feature of the LDV80 trucks is their compact engine compartments, posing challenges for installing additional components. To ingeniously circumvent this constraint, our solution incorporates a compressor bracket alongside a dedicated air conditioner compressor. By strategically substituting the original LDV80 vehicle-mounted compressor with our K-560S truck refrigeration unit, which houses a space-efficient TM/QP16 compressor, we have successfully resolved the spatial limitations without compromising cooling efficiency.

Tailored Truck Refrigeration units Solutions for LDV80/LDV90 Trucks

Our holistic refrigeration solution, comprising the compressor bracket, refrigeration unit, and refrigerated box, caters to the diverse requirements of SAIC MAXUS LDV80 and LDV90 trucks. The straightforward installation process ensures that once customers receive our package, they can effortlessly mount the refrigeration unit onto their LDV80 truck. Furthermore, the refrigerated box seamlessly affixes to the LDV truck’s beam, guaranteeing hassle-free setup.

This truck refrigeration system solution can be used on any LDV80 and LDV90 cold field truck made in China. The size of the truck body box can be customized according to customer requirements, and then we recommend a suitable truck reefer cooling unit with electric standby to meet your different needs.

Kingclima Truck Refrigeration Units in Application:

Whether it’s adapting to space limitations or catering to varying box sizes, our transport refrigerated solutions epitomize adaptability and performance, ensuring that your transported goods remain consistently fresh and well-preserved throughout their journey.

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