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truck refrigeration units

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Why choose us?

Truck Refrigeration Unit is designed to provide cold storage for large, medium and small trucks. It is powered by the vehicle engine and has the advantages of fuel saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.

(1) The streamlined design can be applied to the body of various trucks,
(2) Large cooling capacity and reliable performance,
(3) Can withstand hot, dusty and cold weather conditions,
(4) Easy to install and operate
(5) Environmentally friendly, green and eco-friendly

(6) Stand By & Heating performance is acceptable;
(7) 36 months warranty period after delivery;

(8) Stand By & Heating performance is acceptable;

Working Principle of Pickup Refrigeration Unit

Generally speaking, for the principle of a refrigeration unit, it consists of a refrigerant and four main components, namely a condenser, a compressor, an expansion valve and an evaporator.

The function of the compressor is to compress the lower pressure vapor into a higher pressure vapor so that the volume of the vapor is reduced and the pressure is increased. The compressor sucks the lower pressure working medium vapor from the evaporator, increases its pressure, and sends it to the condenser where it is condensed into a higher pressure liquid. After the low-pressure liquid is sent to the evaporator, it absorbs heat and evaporates in the evaporator to become low-pressure vapor, which is then sent to the inlet of the compressor to complete the refrigeration cycle.


The condenser is a heat exchange device that uses the surrounding refrigerant (air or water) to remove heat from the high-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant vapor from the cold compressor so that the high-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant vapor is cooled and condensed into a high-pressure, normal-temperature refrigerant liquid. It is worth mentioning that during the process of converting the refrigerant vapor into refrigerant liquid in the condenser, the pressure remains constant and high.


The compressor is the driving force of the refrigeration cycle. It is driven by the motor and rotates continuously. In addition to timely extracting the vapor in the evaporator to maintain low temperature and low pressure, it also increases the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant vapor by compression to produce a refrigerant. The condition under which the heat of the vapor is transferred to the external environmental medium. That is, the low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant vapor is compressed to a high-temperature, high-pressure state so that the refrigerant vapor can be condensed by using normal-temperature air or water as the refrigerant.

Throttling element (i.e. expansion valve)

The high-pressure, normal-temperature refrigerant liquid is sent directly to the low-temperature scale evaporator, and the pressure of the refrigerant liquid is reduced according to the principle of saturation pressure and saturation temperature, thereby reducing the temperature of the refrigerant liquid. The high-pressure, normal-temperature refrigerant liquid passes through the pressure-reducing device – the throttling element – to obtain low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant, which is then sent to the evaporator to absorb heat and evaporate. Capillary tubes are widely used as throttling elements in refrigerators and air conditioners in daily life.


The evaporator is also a heat exchanger. The low-temperature, low-pressure refrigerant liquid vaporizes (boils) into steam, absorbs the heat of the cooled substance, and lowers the temperature of the substance to achieve the purpose of freezing and refrigerating food. In the air conditioner, the surrounding air is cooled to achieve the effect of cooling and dehumidifying the air. The lower the evaporation temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator, the lower the temperature of the object to be cooled. In the refrigerator, the evaporation temperature of the general refrigerant is set to -26°C~20°C, and in the air conditioner, it is set to 5°C~8°C.

In the refrigeration system, the evaporator, condenser, compressor and throttle valve are the four essential parts in the refrigeration system, among which the evaporator is the device that transports the cooling capacity. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of the object to be cooled to achieve refrigeration. The compressor is the heart that plays the role of inhaling, compressing and transporting the refrigerant vapor. The condenser is a heat releasing device that transfers the heat absorbed in the evaporator together with the heat transformed by the work of the compressor to the refrigerant.

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What are the most important features in truck refrigeration?

Your refrigerated truck is one of the most important investments you will make for your business, so
A better understanding of the basic features of truck refrigeration unit can better meet the needs of refrigerated transportation process.

Temperature Monitoring System

The temperature monitoring system is an important feature of refrigerated transport vehicles, with intelligent temperature control and tracking functions, which can ensure that perishable goods are kept at a safe temperature from the time they leave your warehouse or point of sale to their final destination.

In the process of refrigerated transportation, which is closely related to the fresh food industry: such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco products, cosmetics, industrial chemicals, etc., to transport these goods in good condition. And with multi-temperature refrigeration units, modern refrigerated trucks allow fleet operators to configure temperature and airflow settings to meet different food and non-food transportation requirements. More reliable and diversified.


In the process of transportation, the quality of truck refrigeration also indirectly affects the efficiency of refrigeration and freezing of goods, so choosing a high-quality box truck refrigeration unit can effectively prolong the life of truck freezer units.

Environmental protection

It can reduce carbon emission and noise pollution less, so truck refrigeration units are an excellent choice for refrigerated trucks during refrigerated transportation.

Why choose kingclima transport refrigeration?

Since 2002, transport refrigeration units (van refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units) have been the most reliable, efficient and indispensable part of the cold chain logistics industry. We can provide users with various models and several different sizes of truck refrigeration units to meet your specific needs.

If you want excellent truck refrigeration units, please contact Kingclima sales team and we will help you find the truck refrigeration system that best suits your specific needs and budget while providing a reliable service.

What kind of truck refrigeration units do you want to provide for your refrigerated transportation service?

Contact us now to learn more:

What factors affect the price of a truck refrigeration unit?

What types of reefers are there and how much do they cost? For any customer who wants to buy a refrigeration unit, it is the basic information that they want to know and know. But to know the specific price, you need to know what factors determine the price of a refrigeration unit and what are the more important factors that lead to the different prices of refrigeration units in the current market.

The importance of compressors to refrigeration units is a common sense issue for many customers, so the choice of compressors will directly affect the final price of the equipment selected by customers. However, for the compressor, Zhaoxue still recommends that you choose a big brand and the original is better. Although the price is high, the quality is better, so the cooling effect will be much better.

Understand the configuration of cooling units from different manufacturers, especially the three main components of compressor, evaporator and condenser. The importance of the compressor is equivalent to the importance of the heart to the human body; the evaporator and condenser The role of the refrigeration unit is mainly to control the refrigeration of the refrigeration unit, and the heat exchange efficiency of the evaporator and condenser plays a decisive role. The compressors of Shanghai Zhaoxue Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. are imported brands. The compressors of Bitzer, Emerson, Copeland, Fusheng and other brands are all recognized and well-known brands by customers.

In addition, the cooling capacity of the chiller is also a factor we consider. The larger the cooling capacity, the more cost it will use, and the price will also increase.

Which truck refrigeration solution is right for you?

Vehicle refrigeration units are generally divided into self-contained and non-self-contained units.

As the name implies, a self-contained unit means that the unit has its own power source and can operate independently of the engine’s operating status.

The non-independent cooling unit means that the unit itself does not have a power source and cannot operate independently. It must rely on the engine to drive the compressor to operate.

Generally speaking, independent cooling units or non-independent cooling units are selected according to the size of the refrigerated car body. From the point of view of the market, refrigerated trucks with a body less than 6 meters and a container volume of 4-31 cubic meters choose non-independent units.

The refrigerated trucks with body more than 6 meters choose more independent units; according to different vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, the independent refrigeration units are also different. Trucks mostly use medium-size independent cooling units; semi-trailers mostly use large cooling units. That is, our common refrigeration unit arranged in front of the trailer.

Of course, this does not mean that the 6 meter box body is an absolute limit. It also depends on the requirements of different goods. You can choose flexibly according to your needs. After all, the one that suits you is the best. Choose according to the temperature requirements of the goods to be shipped:

Different goods have different temperature requirements, and the corresponding reefer capacity is also different. For example, the distribution of frozen foods such as ice cream generally requires a low temperature of minus 18 degrees, the transportation of chilled fresh meat requires minus 5 degrees, and the temperature required for different fresh fruits and vegetables also varies.

Especially the cold chain transportation of vaccines and medicines, which have special requirements for transportation temperature. Therefore, the cryogenic unit or refrigerated unit can be selected according to the temperature requirements of the goods. In addition, some goods require the refrigeration unit to have a defrosting function during transport. This should also be clearly understood when selecting.

Select according to the transport mileage:

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