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Van Fridge Unit

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Van refrigeration units summary

For users who buy and use van reefer unit for the first time, we can provide you with free installation and technical guidance, and the cargo van refrigeration unit provided by kingclima for vehicles (vans,trucks,etc) will enjoy a 12-month warranty period, which can ensure you lower price to get low failure cooling capacity, as one of the distributors of van reefer unit for sale in China, Choose Van Refrigeration Units of Kingclima Refrigeration, professional sales staff will provide you with suitable advice and suitable price, you can get the cargo van refrigeration units with the best price and the best performance, escort your refrigerated transportation service, and effectively save the cost of refrigerated transportation!

Kingclima transport refrigeration manufactures and distributes a range of van refrigeration units for the transport refrigeration industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the production and sales of reefer units, it can maximize the supply of suitable reefer units for vans for transportation customers in the refrigeration industry.

Kingclima refrigeration units for vans

We have a variety of truck refrigeration units and refrigerated vehicles to choose from; click the link below or contact us directly for more information, we can provide a variety of refrigeration units for customers in the same industry who need refrigerated transportation, whether you are a farmer for factory owners, depot maintenance, fleets, or food transportation, you can find the unit you need.

why use van refrigeration units for your long term transportation business?

During cold chain transportation, van refrigeration units keep your perishable food at the right temperature, maintaining the quality of the product being transported and providing valuable benefits at all times. Choosing a reliable van reefer system will help you make more money and improve your refrigerated transport business in the long run. Read on to learn how van refrigeration can help your delivery business thrive.

What products do you transport with van refrigeration units?

The transportation industry is evolving and becoming more efficient than ever. Now is the best time to buy van refrigeration units, refrigeration units for vans are useful when shipping various products, including food transportation (fruits, vegetables, etc.), flower transportation, medical products and medicines, etc., cargo van refrigeration unit can help you with your transportation, no matter what type of cargo you are transporting, you can find the perfect van refrigeration units to meet your temperature needs.

Tips: Not sure how to find the best reefer for your needs? Don’t know where to start? We can help! Contact us to get more van fridge units information.

Why should the refrigeration unit be serviced regularly?

No matter what type of product is in use, it needs regular maintenance… transport refrigeration is no exception. What are the benefits of regular maintenance for transport refrigeration units?
(1) It can reduce expensive maintenance costs
(2) It can effectively prolong the service life of cargo van refrigeration unit
(3) The refrigeration problems during transportation and use can be detected and solved in time

How does van refrigeration unit work to meet your refrigerated transportation needs?

(Owning and operating a refrigerated shipping company can be very beneficial if you have a reliable refrigerated van or vehicle. Having the right van reefer units for shipping perishable items allows you to ship your products safely and in top condition, and getting them to their destination is critical to keeping your refrigerated shipping business running smoothly).

How does the reefer work in the product transport process?

Refrigeration units use motor-driven compressors for cooling and defrosting. The system consists of three separate components: condenser, evaporator, and compressor. The compressor is mounted on and powered by the truck’s engine. Refrigerant hoses or pipes are used to connect the condenser, evaporator, compressor, and other components. The backup power unit also has another compressor, electric motor and oil separator, etc., to be powered by the power supply. The motor compressor is driven by the motor via a belt. During operation, the check valve isolates the two compressors. Compressor operation is controlled by the controller. The unit supplies power to the compressor clutch of the refrigerated truck or starts the engine when the engine is running and supplies power to the compressor clutch when the engine is running. The entire refrigeration system is protected by a pressure switch.

how to install van reefer units in Vans?

Van chiller units are the most important part of the refrigerated transportation process. They are mounted on transport vehicles to ensure that food materials, medicines, etc. maintain the temperature of frozen or fresh goods during transportation.

Van-mounted chiller units

A van refrigeration units installed on the top of the compartment
Advantages: It has the characteristics of simple structure and small size

Van refrigeration units

A bottom-mounted van refrigeration units installed at the bottom of the vehicle.

Advantages: It has the excellent characteristics of small size and flexible installation method. It can be installed even in the narrow space at the bottom of the van, so it can be installed on many different types of vans.

refrigeration unit system configurations for refrigerated vans help you make the best decision, choosing the right van refrigeration units is crucial to keep the industry competitive.

Van refrigeration units with different temperatures

If you run a refrigerated transport company, then you know that having a reliable van refrigeration system is essential. Multi-temperature refrigeration units allow for flexibility when using the same vehicle to transport different items. For example, the agricultural products you transport and aquatic products (fish, shrimp, etc.), fruits, vegetables, etc., different temperatures are essential for the effective management of cold chain transportation products, helping you to handle the transportation of various products without The product can be damaged by freezing or excessive heat.

Best performance insulation for your vans

When you use van cooling units, it is also a good reference standard to focus on the size of your vehicle. You can match the cargo van cooling units with your cooling business according to the type of products you transport.

Finally, the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit system, the performance of the components (compressors, condensers, evaporators), the weight and budget cost, and the installation methods are also some important factors to consider for environmental friendliness and protection.

Contact us today: Ask about our van refrigeration units for sale

If you are looking for a van refrigeration unit that is durable, performs well and looks great, Kingclima transport refrigeration units are the perfect solution for you, contact Kingclima today for more information by filling out our online enquiry form, we will reply to you as soon as possible. or whatsapp call:+8613383854784

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