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Van Refrigeration Unit For Sale

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refrigeration units provide cooling capabilities for small van applications,these refrigeration units are perfect for all kinds of vans,including of minivan,middlevan etc.

van chiller units apply to small van or and medium refrigerated cargo vans with 6-17m³ van body box.The van refrigeration unis with chiller and freezing function for transporting fresh fruits, milk ,ice cream ,vegetables, meat, dairy products and seafood…If you need the temperature of your small van to store and transport chilled items, battery driven van chiller systerm units will be perfect.

For businesses delivering perishable goods, it’s important to have a dependable climate-controlled vehicle with van refrigeration units. For long route deliveries, refrigerated vans could be economical.refrigeration units are designed for wholesale vegetale factory,fleet, and farmers who haul temperature-sensitive loads over long distances.

What is a refrigerated vans?

fist we know the van refrigeration units is installed on the vans,which means it’s a van that contains the same properties as a refrigeration units. These kinds of vans are used to transport items that need to stay at a certain temperature – a good example of this is foods that need to stay cold to keep them fresh.

How do Refrigeration Vans work?

they use an insulated airtight compartment to absorb heat and dissolve that heat outside the compartment to ensure the inside contents stay cool.Every refrigerated van has a condenser, and this is designed to condense hot gas into liquid while the rest of the heat is dissolved into the atmosphere. The liquid is cooled and then travels to the evaporator.

The evaporator is inside the space where items are kept and is similar to the condenser in appearance. The liquid enters the evaporator through a valve and then is evaporated at a low temperature as all heat is absorbed. Fans circulate air inside the space where the goods are, in order to keep the temperature regulated and cool.The gas produced from this returns to the compressor. The compressor is the centre of the system; it takes the low pressure gas from the evaporator and compresses into hot, high pressure gas. This gas is then pushed out of the condenser for the process to start all over again.

Importance of having a reliable refrigeration unit in a van

In the process of using it, you must first consider the type of product transportation that your business needs van refrigeration units, because this will give you an in-depth understanding of how to choose the best type of refrigerated product and what adaptation temperature is required during long-distance refrigerated transportation Only then can the products you transport be kept at the proper temperature.

A van refrigeration system keeps your perishables at the correct temperature, maintains the products quality and offers valuable benefits. A reliable van refrigeration unit will help make more profit and improve your refrigerated transportation business in the long term transport.

Many businesses have built their foundation on the performance of their specialized refrigerated vans, especially those that utilize van refrigeration units.

Consideration of van refrigeration units:
(as we know, for the refrigerated vans, the refrigeration unit is the heart of the refrigerated vehicle, so it can be seen its importance to the refrigerated vans)

Consider what kind of van refrigeration units is needed. For example, frozen goods, dairy products, food, and floral services all require different temperature controls to maintain the product by this van refrigeration system, It is important to recognize those needs, then we can Effective use the van refrigeration units for your transport refrigeration.

van refrigeration units are great for food service delivery, dairy treats, and floral services. With customized van refrigeration from kingclima,operators will have just as many benefits, like easy access temperature controls, great fuel economy, and smooth operation.

If you are using small, medium or large vans, choosing your refrigetrated vans with a roof mounted van refrigeration unit would be the ideal choice.

Two Types of Van Refrigeration Units:

What type of van refrigeration unit is for me?

according to driven mode: battery driven refrigeration unit for vans                                                according to installation mode: roof mount van chiller units

Features of van freezer units:

-(1) Apply for all kinds of small refrigeration vans
-(2) The units with CPR valve will better protect compressors, especially in extremely hot or cold place.
-(3) Adopt Eco-friendly refrigerant: R404a, hot gas defrosting system with Auto and manual is available for your choices.
-(4) slim evaporator design and strong refrigeration,cooling fast with short time.
-(5) High-strength plastic enclosure,elegant appearance,quick installation,simple maintenance an low maintenance cost.
-(6) The van reefer units with fresh and freezing function for transporting fresh fruits, milk ,ice cream ,vegetables, meat, dairy products and seafood with a widely temperature margin(-18° to +25°).
-(7) R134A Eco-friendly refrigerant.
-(8) light and compact condenser, with good heat exchanging.
-(9) Inner grooved copper tube and ultra-slim evaporator.
-(10) Large cooling capacity, reliable performance and moderate pricing.

kingclima van refrigeration unit is specialized for small cargo van to keep fresh. It is powered by the battery driven of the vehicle, and has great advantages in environmental and highly efficient, easy installation & operation, low current, long time running & high-low voltage protection; and also environment friendly,fuel saving,after delivery,you will get 24 Months free Warranty Time.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Van Refrigeration Unit:

It is very important vital for you to have a high-quality, dependable van refrigeration units for your business. When you invest in adding a van refrigeration units into your delivery fleet, you will want to know that you are choosing the right refrigeration units for your job.
Factors to consider of your refrigeration units for vans


You will want to have a price you’re willing to pay in mind before you shop. Research some of the typical costs for these types of van refrigeration units, to get an idea of what you’ll have to spend. You may see an unbelievably affordable van freezer units on the market.
Stick with reputable sellers with a range of pricing options that you can trust, even if your budget is on the lower end of the scale.

Temperature Requirements

You will need to assess the temperature requirements for the products you need to transport. Many items will deteriorate if left above a specific temperature. For example, suppose you are a farmer that needs to deliver fruits and vegetables. In that case, it is imperative that you have the right van fridge unit that will chill these products. Once you’ve found the temperature range you need to keep your products safe and protected, you can find the van refrigeration units that can keep to that same range.

Payload Size

How much product do you expect to ship daily, weekly, and monthly? For smaller businesses such as a pharmacy or floral shop, you’ll most likely only need the services of a refrigerated van with refrigeration units. For the other larger businesses, you may should consider a va n chiller units with cooling capacity,extensive payload capacity to transport your products safely and efficiently.
In conclusion, van refrigeration units are an essential component for businesses that require the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. These units are designed to maintain a consistent temperature, which ensures that products are delivered in optimal condition. When looking for van refrigeration units for sale, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of the unit, its cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and overall durability. There are many reputable manufacturers and suppliers that offer a range of van refrigeration units to suit different needs and budgets. With careful research and consideration, businesses can find the right van refrigeration unit that meets their specific requirements and helps them deliver high-quality products to their customers.

Kingclima transport refrigeration

The best way to ensure that you buy the right vehicle with van refrigeration system is to use a trusted transport refrigeration units supplier. kingclima Transportation Solutions has supplied high-quality vans refrigeration units to meet everyone’s needs for over 20 years.
kingclima-kingclima-Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to our employees, operations, products and services. As a global company leading the industry towards a more sustainable future, KingClima focuses on keeping transport food and perishable food safe and fresh; providing efficient and reliable small-scale transportation solutions; and improving industrial productivitity.

What kinds of customer need refrigeration units for vans for your transportation?

Food and beverage industry: This includes restaurants, caterers, food trucks, and other businesses that transport food products. Van refrigeration units are essential for keeping food at the correct temperature to prevent spoilage and maintain quality.

Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical industry also requires van refrigeration units to transport temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines. These units are crucial for maintaining the efficacy of drugs and ensuring that they are safe for use.

Medical industry: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers use van refrigeration units to transport blood, organs, and other medical supplies. These units are critical for preserving the integrity of these materials during transport.

Florists and nurseries: Florists and nurseries use van refrigeration units to transport flowers and plants. These units help to keep the products fresh and prevent wilting.

Catering and event companies: Catering and event companies use van refrigeration units to transport food, drinks, and other supplies to events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Retailers: Retailers that sell temperature-sensitive products such as cosmetics and certain types of electronics may also use van refrigeration units to transport their products.

When you’re ready to buy a chiller units add in your vans, kingclima transportation solutions has van refrigeration units for sale that are dependable and will keep your products at the right temperature. Feel free to contact us with any questions,if youre interested in cargo van reefer units.

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