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Converting Cargo Vans into Refrigerated Cargo Vans

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Imagine the transformation – a regular cargo van turned into a powerhouse of temperature-controlled efficiency. At Kingclima, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that breathe new life into vehicles, and today, we shed light on how our sales team aided Matthew from Mauritius in realizing his vision of establishing a thriving cold chain delivery business.

How does Kingclima sales team help customer convert a non-refrigerated van become a cold chain transportation van?Customers Matthew from Mauritius to convert his cargo vans into a refrigerated cargo vans to help him build his cold chain delivery business.

His van is a traditional engine drive van. He wants to convert it to a refrigerated van

Solution: Integrated Van Box + Van Refrigeration Units

Step 1: Customized Van Refrigerated Box

Understanding the paramount importance of tailored solutions, we embarked on crafting a refrigerated van box that perfectly aligned with Matthew’s van dimensions. Our specialized van refrigerated box is a masterpiece created from CFRT+PU materials. This combination not only guarantees structural stability but also boasts exceptional insulation performance, ensuring the precise control of internal temperatures.

Step 2: Integration of Van Refrigeration Units

To bring Matthew’s vision to life, we integrated our state-of-the-art van refrigeration unit directly onto the back of the refrigeration box. Offering a range of options, our van refrigeration units can be equipped with DC refrigeration units ranging from 12V to 520V. Powered directly by the battery of the DC refrigeration unit, this configuration translates to zero consumption and zero emissions. The brilliance of this solution extends further – the integrated box is designed for mobility, allowing customers to dismantle or transfer it to other vehicles effortlessly.

Your Reliable Temperate Controlled Delivery Business Solutions Expert-Kingclima

With over two decades of experience in transport refrigeration, Kingclima stands as an industry leader. Boasting six dedicated production lines focused on crafting top-notch refrigerated transport units and boxes, we cater to the diverse refrigeration needs of users across the industry. Matthew’s journey highlights our commitment to turning visions into reality, and we eagerly look forward to extending the same level of dedication to your transport refrigeration projects.

Kingclima has more than 20 years of experience in transport refrigeration, and has 6 production lines specializing in the production of refrigerated transportation units, including transport refrigeration units, refrigerated boxes etc, to meet the refrigeration needs of different users in the refrigeration industry. Kingclima looks forward to cooperating with you!

Kingclima’s prowess lies in transforming ordinary cargo vans into temperature-controlled delivery powerhouses. Matthew’s success story serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovative solutions and customer satisfaction. Join hands with Kingclima, and unlock the potential to revolutionize your business through the magic of refrigerated conversions.

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