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Customized Blue Transfer Cold Boxes To The New Zealand

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With regard to the customizable rotomolded cabinets, we have three models that can be selected according to different temperature ranges. kingclima can be FB058 Fresh, FB150 Frozen and FB178 Deep Freeze (-25°C). FB150 and FB178 are two refrigerators with hot gas defrosting and heating functions, the maximum temperature can reach +15°C. At present, it has been exported to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, Uruguay and South America and other countries. Last week, we exported a batch of DC48V Portable Freezer Boxes FB150 to New Zealand, and received good comments from New Zealand customers.

KINGCLIMA-blue transfer cold boxes

Best-selling product – battery powered movable cold boxes

Customer Feedback of Blue Freezer Boxes:

Why choose Kingclima portable frezer boxes:

(1) The shape of blue transfer cooler is 1.511.1m, with 100mm polyurethane insulation in the middle, and food grade PE material inside and outside.
(2) Built-in DC48V 50AH lithium battery, after fully charged, it can drive the electric cooling unit to work for 4-6 hours. The electric cooler has a built-in DC48V YQ compressor with stable performance and good cooling effect.
(Tips: In addition, we also equip the mobile refrigerators with AC-DC converters or backup power, so that customers can directly plug in AC220V or AC110V to continue working when parking, ensuring that the items in the box are kept fresh or frozen).
(3) The bottom is designed with a pallet that can be loaded and unloaded with a forklift. A 20GP container can hold 14 blue cabinets, and a 40HQ container can hold 36 blue cabinets.
(4) It has passed CE certification and can be directly exported to the European market to meet the cold storage needs of customers all over the world.
(5) Kingclima mobile refrigerated boxes with refrigeration units can be used for trucks, pickup trucks, vans, tricycles, motorcycles, etc. It is mainly used for the delivery of perishable goods. Because the refrigerated container is slipped into the trucks or vans, it is also known as a slip-in refrigerated truck box. It prefers a portable refrigerated boxes as a cold chain solution for different types of vehicles.

Choose Kingclima portable mobile boxes For Your Cooling Solutions!

The cooling system of portable coolers is divided into two areas, one area is the cooling system and the other area is reserved for the battery space. If the customer needs a separate matching battery, DC12V, 100AH/200AH, DC48V/60AH lithium battery can be placed in the area next to the refrigeration system, which looks more beautiful and is more convenient to use.

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