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Electric AC Solutions For Agricultural Machinery in Turkey

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In the realm of agricultural machinery, the comfort of operators plays a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and overall experience. KINGCLIMA’s Eclima2200 electric air conditioner emerges as a game-changer in here, offering battery-powered air conditioner cooling solutions for various machinery cabs.

AC units solutions for agricultural machinery-Kingclima electric air conditioner

Agricultural machinery operators often face unforgiving conditions, enduring long hours in confined spaces amidst dust and vibrations. In this context, ensuring a comfortable working environment becomes paramount.

Meet Ahmet, an experienced harvester operator based in the picturesque Turkish countryside. For years, Ahmet has worked tirelessly during the harvest season, navigating his trusty harvester through acres of golden fields. However, the challenges of the job have always been a part of the territory – the scorching sun, relentless dust, and constant vibrations often took a toll on his comfort and efficiency.

This year, things were different. Ahmet had heard about the KINGCLIMA Eclima2200 electric air conditioner, a solution that promised to transform the cabin environment of his harvester. Fueled by curiosity and the desire to elevate his working experience, Ahmet decided to give it a shot.

With the arrival of the Eclima2200 electric air conditioner, Ahmet’s harvester underwent a transformation. The installation process was surprisingly straightforward – after all, the Eclima2200 air conditioner was designed to be user-friendly. Ahmet’s mechanic seamlessly integrated the air conditioner unit, and with a connection to the battery, the electric air conditioner came to life.

As Ahmet set out on his daily harvesting routine, he was eager to put the Eclima2200 air conditioner to the test. The first thing he noticed was the refreshing blast of cool air that enveloped the cabin. Even in the midst of the blazing sun, he found solace in the consistent and comfortable environment within the harvester’s cabin.

Ahmet’s Feedback of eclima2200 air conditioner: A Season Transformed

As the harvest season progressed, Ahmet’s experience was markedly different from years past. The Eclima2200 air conditioner had not only maintained a comfortable working environment but had also optimized his efficiency. The constant cool air allowed Ahmet to stay focused and energized, resulting in increased productivity.

With a satisfied smile, Ahmet shared his feedback with the KINGCLIMA team. His harvester’s cabin was now a haven of comfort amidst challenging conditions. The Eclima2200 air conditioner had become an indispensable companion, transforming his daily grind into a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Custom Made Electric Air Conditioner For Sale-Kingclima

Kingclima recognized the need to adapt the Eclima2200 electric air conditioner to the specific demands of the harvester environment. Several key upgrades were implemented to ensure optimal performance and longevity:

Dual-Filter Installation: Debris and dust are prevalent in agricultural settings and can adversely affect air conditioner performance. To combat this, filters were installed on both sides of the air conditioner. These filters act as barriers, preventing unwanted particles from entering the system and clogging vital components.

Enhanced Core Body Design: Dust accumulation within the core body can hinder cooling efficiency. To counter this, KINGCLIMA increased the distance between copper pipes within the core body. This strategic design alteration minimizes the risk of cooling disruption caused by dust accumulation.

Vibration-Resistant Rotor Compressor: The harvester’s intense vibrations can potentially lead to pipeline breakage within the air conditioning system. To mitigate this risk, a more robust and vibration-resistant rotor compressor was integrated. This addition ensures the system remains intact and fully operational, even in the face of significant vibrations.

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