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Electric Standby Truck Cooling Unit Solutions For Kuwait Customer

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Recently, we exported the K-360RS rooftop standby truck refrigeration units, a versatile solution that ensures a continuous refrigeration process even when your truck comes to a halt. This innovative solution, designed for small trucks, has garnered positive feedback from our satisfied Kuwait customers.

Empowering Temperature-Controlled Delivery- Kingclima Transport Refrigeration

For our customer in Kuwait, transporting food cargoes—ranging from meat to fresh chicken—necessitated a dependable temperature-controlled solution. The K-360RS truck reefer unit, an engine-driven marvel equipped with an electric standby system, perfectly met these needs. This solution guarantees the freshness and integrity of the cargo during the journey.

Continuous Refrigeration Beyond the Road:

While road truck refrigeration units are efficient while your vehicle is in motion, we recognize that stopping times pose a unique challenge. Long wait times or overnight halts can jeopardize the freshness of your cargo. Enter the Kingclima integrated electric standby truck reefer unit. With a highly efficient compressor ingeniously integrated into the condenser and a comprehensive standby control system, this unit seamlessly transitions to electric standby mode when your truck stops. By simply connecting to the local AC220V-240V or AC110V power supply, the refrigeration process continues without interruption.

K-360RS Rooftop Standby Truck Refrigeration Unit:

Enhanced Cooling Capacities: Designed for truck boxes ranging from 12 to 16 cubic meters, the K-360RS truck refrigeration units offers both road and standby cooling capacities. The truck refrigeration unit boasts a road cooling capacity of 1560W (-18℃) and 3070W (0℃), while standby mode achieves 1590W (-18℃) and 2850W (0℃).

Adaptive Operation: While the K-360RS truck refrigeration units operates through the truck’s engine on the road (12V/24V), it effortlessly transitions to the local AC240, 50HZ power supply when the truck comes to a halt.

Integrated Electric Standby Advantage: The integration of the electric highly efficient compressor within the condenser eliminates space constraints. This innovation streamlines the installation process, requiring the placement of only the QP16 compressor within the truck’s engine.

Optimized Performance: For high-temperature conditions exceeding 40℃, we recommend the use of Danfoss expansion valves and the addition of CPR (Crankcase Pressure Regulator) valves for enhanced cooling capacity.

Cooperate with Distributor:

At Kingclima Industry Co., Ltd., we’re dedicated to supplying top-tier transport truck refrigeration units for over two decades. Our latest innovations, such as full electric truck and van refrigeration units, are gaining traction in the market. With the rise of electric commercial vehicles, we invite van and truck body factories to establish long-term partnerships.

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Efficiency, adaptability, and reliability define the K-360RS rooftop standby truck refrigeration units from Kingclima. This solution not only meets but exceeds the demands of refrigerated transport, ensuring continuous refrigeration to safeguard the integrity of your cargo—even during extended stops. Join our distributor network and partner with us to bring innovative transport refrigeration solutions to the market.

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