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Full Electric Van Freezing Solutions for Perishable Cargoes Delivery in Portugal

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Recently we help our customers for his full electric Renault Master cargo vans refrigeration solutions with our B350 all electric van refrigeration units and get our customers good feedback.

If your van is Renault Master Electric L2H2 ,full electric ,with 11m3 van cargo box ,the cooling unit is not allowed connect into the battery of Electric van ,how is the solution of full electric units?

With the B350 full electric van refrigeration units, we’ve harnessed cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless and reliable refrigeration for full electric Renault Master cargo vans.Portugal’s thriving cargo delivery landscape calls for unique solutions, and Kingclima is rising to the challenge.

Our B350 all electric van refrigeration units are meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of full electric Renault Master Electric L2H2 vans, boasting an 11m3 cargo box. The brilliance of this solution lies in its ability to ensure optimal refrigeration while circumventing the need to connect to the van’s battery, making it an ideal choice for this electric model.

Key Features of B-350 Full Electric Van Refrigeration Units:

Unparalleled Expertise: As a prominent manufacturer with extensive experience, KingClima offers a range of full electric van refrigeration units with low-temperature capabilities across various voltage options: DC12V/DC24V/DC48V/DC72V, ensuring compatibility with different van models.

Tailored Precision: Our B350 all electric rooftop van refrigeration units, specifically designed for the Renault Master Electric L2H2, ensure impeccable performance for cargo boxes ranging from 10 to 15 cubic meters.

Optimized Voltage Dynamics: Addressing the unique voltage requirements of this electric van, we’ve designed the B350 with a DC48V full electric unit, striking a balance between stable cooling capacity and minimized failure rates. This cooling unit system features two highly efficient 145 compressors for enhanced cooling capabilities and ease of installation.

Empowering Battery Solution: For optimal operational longevity, we recommend a DC48V battery pack with a capacity of at least 200Ah, ensuring uninterrupted cooling for 6-8 hours. These batteries can be conveniently installed at the rear of the seats.

Versatile Long-Distance Performance: To cater to long-distance transport requirements, the B350 van refrigeration units seamlessly integrates a converter from DC48V to AC220V/240V, effectively acting as a refrigerating standby system. This innovation ensures continuous refrigeration even when the van comes to a halt, with temperature ranges from -18 to +15℃, accommodating various perishable cargo needs.

Inviting Distributors to cooperated with Kingclima:

At KingClima, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of transport refrigeration solutions, with a distinct focus on all-electric solutions. Our B350 and B260 refrigeration units models have established themselves as competitive alternatives to global brands, boasting stable performance and cost-effectiveness. We extend a warm invitation to distributors to join us in bringing these innovative solutions to the local market, contributing to the future of refrigerated transport.

Embrace the future of refrigerated transport with KingClima and experience the epitome of full electric van freezing solutions.

KingClima can provide all kinds of transport refrigeration units for customers demands and we are also very professional in all electric transport refrigeration units solutions that are very popular in the market recently. Compared with the world brands, such as Thermo King E-200, Hwasung Thermo Eco-E2, Kingclima B350 and B260 are more competitive price and stable in China market for many years with a stable working performance. We welcome distributors to resell this in your local market. Please feel free to contact us for distributorship matters.

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