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How to purchase the back wall truck air conditioner?

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Kingclima truck air conditioner is definitely the perfect air conditioning solution for the following people who need air conditioning for vehicles:
1) Looking for a compact 12V DC rear mounted air conditioner for their truck;
2) Interested in installing a 12-volt air conditioner in the rear of the truck cab;
3) Looking for a battery powered unit that can run off a separate 12V/24V battery with the engine off;
4) Looking for an energy efficient electric air conditioner for overnight use in trucks;
5) Interested in a cost effective 12V DC powered cooled AC system for semi trucks;
6) Looking for best factory price truck sleeper air conditioner

Do you want to choose a truck air conditioner with low noise and high efficiency?

With Kingclima’s high performance truck air conditioners, you can experience up to 12 hours running time, low noise and low vibration performance when parked. You can look forward to long, uninterrupted breaks in the cab. In addition, we offer various types of truck air conditioners that are easy to install.

Features of back wall truck air conditioner:

(1) 100% powered by 12V/24 battery, cooling when engine is on or off.
(2) DC electric compressor is adopted, with strong cooling capacity and reliable working performance. The cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU meets JIS standards.
(3) Soft start, no flash current, safe and stable.
(4) Double battery protection, no battery damage.
(5) Split type, no drilling holes on the top of the cab, suitable for most truck cabs, with beautiful appearance.
(6) R-134a pre-filled, safe and environmentally friendly.
(7) Easy to install, save fuel and reduce transportation cost.
(8) No engine noise, bringing pleasant working or sleeping time to the driver.

Kingclima is a professional truck air conditioner supplier in China, we can provide different types of air conditioners and accept bulk truck air conditioner orders and customized truck air conditioner orders, if you are interested in our truck air conditioner products, please call us anytime!

Advantages of back wall air conditioner for trucks:

(1) The independent day/night air conditioner works with the engine off and on to maintain the temperature during the day.
(2) This unit is mainly used to cool the driver’s cab during night rest and loading and unloading operations.
(3) Healthy, strong, quiet and comfortable cab rest, reducing stress and fatigue, thereby reducing the risk of traffic accidents.
(4) Wide range of applications: light and heavy trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mobile workshops and other equipment.
(5) All air conditioners have passed CE and FCC certification, and passed ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification in 2014.

Why choose us?

Kingclima, as a professional air conditioner manufacturer in China, has 20 years of experience in the production of electric vehicle air conditioners. It can provide users with high quality battery air conditioners with superior cooling performance and low prices. Please contact us! As a top truck air conditioner company, we sell the best air conditioners and provide you with the most professional service. No matter what kind of truck air conditioner you want, please contact us, we will recommend the right truck air conditioner for you to meet all your driving needs.

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