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Ice Cream Cold Chain Solutions in Chile

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As we know, ice cream needs to be frozen in a refrigeration cold box from – 20 ℃ to – 25 ℃. But if your ice cream is transported in a regular dry truck, how can you ensure that the ice cream is frozen during the transport period?

Generally, the frozen food is stored into small refrigerated box and then loading into dry truck body. Kingclima has given a better complete solution about this problem.

In the sun-soaked landscapes of Chile, ice cream’s frosty allure is a delight that knows no bounds. However, the journey from production to the hands of eager consumers demands meticulous attention to maintaining its frigid integrity. Imagine the challenge when the frozen treat embarks on a voyage in a regular dry truck, where icy perfection is threatened.

Enter KingClima’s ingenious solution – a refrigerated box tailored to safeguard the frosty delights of ice cream during transit. At KingClima transport refrigeration, we’ve engineered a comprehensive answer to this conundrum – a refrigerated box that stands as a sentinel of sub-zero temperatures.

How do we achieve this? The specific structure of refrigerated boxes are as follows:

(1) Kingclima refrigerated box is crafted with a meticulous fusion of materials that champion exceptional insulation. The structure comprises layers of fiberglass, PU (polyurethane), and more fiberglass – a triad of defense against temperature fluctuations.

(2) The refrigerated box‘s floor is fortified with a 100mm thick sandwich panel, while other panels boast an 80mm thickness. Our insulation layer incorporates innovative PU foam with negligible thermal conductivity, featuring a density of 42kg/m3, adhering to stringent national AAA standards.

(3) Both interior and exterior sandwich panels are enveloped in a robust 2mm thick Handmade FPR coating. The refrigerated box is fortified with 304 stainless steel hardware, aluminum profiles, and stainless wrap angles that bolster its structural integrity.

(4) Enhanced with four universal wheels, the refrigerated box facilitates easy movement and forklift unloading, courtesy of an added iron frame at the bottom. Its impeccably designed structure is a testament to high mechanical strength, boasting a corrosion-resistant finish.

The crux of our solution lies in the installation of DC12V battery-powered refrigeration units within the refrigerated boxes. With the prowess to plummet internal temperatures to a range of -20°C to -25°C, it’s the ultimate guardian of icy treasures. On the road, it operates seamlessly using the vehicle’s battery or an independent battery (above 120Ah, 12V).

Further elevating the solution, we’ve integrated a standby system. When the vehicle halts, the refrigeration unit seamlessly transitions to an external power supply (AC230V), ensuring continuous operation and safeguarding the ice cream’s frosty state.

This avant-garde solution addresses the dire need for preserving the pristine quality of frozen goods during transit. Our Chile customers, enmeshed in the cold chain logistics transportation industry, have found resounding success in this solution.

Should you find yourself captivated by the promise of unyielding cold chain preservation or require customized cold room solutions, look no further. Reach out to KingClima transport refrigeration, your partner in maintaining the icy allure of perishable treasures.

Experience excellence through our unwavering commitment to quality, impeccable service, and favorable pricing. Your journey to frozen perfection begins here.

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