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Ingenious Solutions for Installing Refrigeration Units on Height-Restricted Vans

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The Height delimma of Van Refrigeration Units

Picture this – a customer with a parking garage boasting limited height capacity. A refrigeration unit with a height not exceeding 15 cm must be installed. A tall order considering the majority of van refrigeration unit condensers available in the market stand at 20 cm or higher, which cannot meet customer requirements.

Regarding the Transport Refrigeration needs of US customers

The customer’s vehicle is a 2020 Ford Transit Van, a traditional fuel-powered marvel. With a cargo capacity of 8.5-9 cubic meters and the vital temperature requirement of maintaining 2-7 degrees Celsius, the purpose is clear – transporting delicate fruits and vegetables in optimal condition.

A Tailored Solution for USA Customer Transport Refrigeration

With the customer’s specific demands in mind, our solution comes to life – the V-350 van refrigeration unit. Engineered to perfection, it aligns seamlessly with the unique needs presented by height restrictions.

The advantage of V-350 Van Refrigeration Units:

The standout feature of the V-350 van refrigeration unit is its height – a mere 12 cm. But don’t let its compact form deceive you; this van refrigeration unit type packs a punch. The condenser dimensions stand at 950mm×820mm×120mm, a testimony to ingenuity meeting functionality. By conforming to the height mandate, this van refrigeration unit guarantees that once installed on the van, the height remains under the 2.2m mark–a feat achieved without compromise.

Best versatility at V-350 Van Refrigeration Units:

The V-350 van refrigeration units isn’t just about dimensions; it’s about performance. Designed to accommodate van container boxes ranging from 6-9 m³, this van reefer unit comes equipped with both chiller and freezing functions. Its capabilities span a wide range of perishable goods – from fresh fruits and vegetables to milk, ice cream, meat, dairy products, and seafood. With a cooling capacity of 3350W at 1.7℃ and 1730W at -17.8℃, powered by a Valeo TM13 compressor, the V-350 van refrigeration unit is a workhorse ready to meet diverse transport needs.

Customer Satisfaction with Kingclima Transport Refrigeration

Our American customer’s experience with our solution was nothing short of exceptional. With our van chiller unit installed, the temperature plummeted to -18 degrees Celsius within a mere 2 hours, and a freezing temperature of 0 degrees was achieved in just 30 minutes. Beyond current needs, this van refrigeration unit paves the way for future freeze product transport. The customer’s satisfaction and praise for Kingclima as a paragon of professionalism is the true testament of a job well done.

Whether your challenge is height restrictions or any other refrigeration system quandary, rest assured that Kingclima stands as a beacon of expertise. We extend a warm welcome to customers grappling with refrigeration dilemmas – your quest for a professional refrigeration solution ends with us.

We also welcome other customers with refrigeration units problems to consult us, and we will provide customers with very professional refrigeration solutions.

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