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Installing a Refrigeration Unit on a Traditional Fuel Tricycle

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Navigating the intricacies of refrigeration unit installation is a crucial aspect of modern transport, especially for unique vehicles like traditional three-wheeled fuel-powered models.

Temperature Needs of Customer David in Cambodia:

Our customer presents us with a 12V traditional fuel vehicle, featuring a compact cabin measuring 2.2 meters in length, 1.5 meters in width, and 1.2 meters in height – encapsulating a cargo capacity of roughly 4 cubic meters. The task at hand is to maintain a precise temperature range of 0 to +5°C, essential for the safe transport of dairy products.

Before any installation takes place, we conduct a meticulous evaluation of the vehicle’s design and dimensions. Given the vehicle’s compact size, our first challenge is to ascertain whether sufficient space exists for the installation of a compressor – a fundamental component of the refrigeration system.

First of all, the model of this fuel tricycle is small, we need to help the customer to confirm whether the car has a place to install the compressor.

The compressor needs to be installed next to the engine, and the compressor needs to be connected to the engine pulley to obtain power from the engine to drive the compressor.

The location of the compressor is paramount. It needs to be strategically positioned adjacent to the vehicle’s engine, with a direct connection to the engine pulley. This setup allows the compressor to harness power from the engine, thereby facilitating the operation of the entire refrigeration system.

Tailored made Kingclima refrigeration units Solution

Collaborating closely with the customer, we finalize the placement of the compressor based on the confirmation of available space. Subsequently, we recommend our V-200C engine-driven reefer units. Boasting an impressive cooling capacity of approximately 1700W at 0℃, utilizing R134a refrigerant, and featuring a roof-mounted refrigeration unit and slim evaporator design, this solution aligns seamlessly with the customer’s specific requirements.

The V-200C electric refrigeration unit has a power requirement of 300-400W. Given the customer’s anticipated usage of 4-6 hours daily, we address the energy aspect. With only a 12V48Ah battery in the vehicle, we recommend upgrading to a robust 150A battery to ensure sustained operational hours without interruption.

Our meticulously curated solution earns the customer’s satisfaction. The culmination of precise placement, recommended refrigeration unit, and strategic power management assures the customer that their cargo will remain optimally chilled throughout their operations.

At the heart of it all lies our expertise. With a comprehensive understanding of refrigeration units, we offer tailor-made solutions for diverse vehicle models. Our proficiency extends beyond engine-driven units to encompass full electric units suitable for a spectrum of vehicles – be it vans, trucks, or even specialized applications. Our prowess also extends to diesel units and mobile trailer solutions, underpinning our commitment to solving cooling challenges across the board.

Enquiries Welcome at any time:

Should you encounter a cooling dilemma with your vehicle, do not hesitate to connect with Kingclima sales team. Our dedicated team is primed to devise the perfect refrigeration solution tailored to your needs, ensuring your cargo remains optimally chilled and secure during transportation.

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