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Kingclima Cooling Solutions For Split-Trucks

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Choose AC System,Choose Your Safe Driving!-Kingclima

Kingclima Air Conditioner can provide a series of corresponding truck air conditioning solutions for different truck models, so as to ensure comfortable temperature and humidity in the truck compartment,Compressor-driven air conditioning saves fuel by reducing engine idle time.

Truck AC Cooling Solutions-Semi Truck Sleeper Air Conditioner

When summer rolls around, the summer sun outside is beats down on your truck, and the interior is nice and cool. Pleasant climate inside the truck compartment is a great advantage for truck drivers to enjoy the journey, and for long-distance travel, parking truck cooler is essential, Kingclima always knows how to choose the right truck air conditioning needs and provide truck users with accurate air conditioning solutions.

EA-26W Split Truck Parking Cooler battery-driven, specially designed for truck sleeper compartment and semi-trailer truck, powered by 24volt DC power supply: 

1) Looking for a compact rear mounted 24v DC AC unit for his truck;

2) Interested in installing a 24 volt air conditioner in the rear of the truck cab;

3) Looking for a battery powered unit capable of running with the engine off from a separate 24V battery;

4) Looking for an energy efficient electric air conditioning system for overnight use in trucks;

5) Interested in a cost effective 24v DC powered cooled AC system for semi trucks;

6) Looking for best factory price truck sleeper air conditioner;

EA-26W Split Truck Parking Cooler

-Use Kingclima’s truck air conditioning solution to provide you with one-stop vehicle AC services, and can meet every challenge in transportation requirements, ensuring that you can stay calm and cool during long-distance transportation.

Pros of Kingclima EA-26W Split Truck Parking Cooler :

(1) 100% Electric A/C Unit fits All trucks, battery direct drive, A/C can still work when the engine is off.
(2) Full DC electric compressor with built-in condenser, integrated, easy to install.
(3) safe operation, Low maintenance rate, long service life, more durable.
(4) Rear wall-mounted design, environmentally friendly R134a.
(5) The color can be customized to choose.

The EA-26W truck parking cooler is equipped with split evaporator and condenser units. They are installed separately: the evaporator is always installed on the inside of the rear wall of the passenger compartment; the condenser of the parking cooler is installed on the outside of the rear wall of the truck cab.

Until now,do you know how to pick up the back wall splite mounted air conditioner on your truck?

Kingclima looks forward to cooperating with you and bringing coolness to your truck cab.


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