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KK50 Engine Drive Air Conditioner Used in Tractor

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In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, technological advancements continue to shape the way farming and harvesting are conducted. One notable improvement is the integration of air conditioning systems into tractors and harvesters, offering drivers a more comfortable and productive environment.

Enhancing Tractor and Harvester Efficiency with the KK50 air conditioner

Kk50 Engine-Driven air conditioner Advantages:

Modelkk50 engine drive air conditioner
Cooling Capacity5000W/17000BTU
Driven TypeVehicle Engine Driven
Evaporator BlowerDouble Axle and Centrifugal Flow
Condenser FanAxial Flow
Compressor5H14, 138cc/r
RefrigerantR134a, 1.1KG
Mounting TypeIntegrated/roof top mounted

(1) Superior Air Distribution and Silent Operation
The KK50 air conditioner design prioritizes comfort with a super-large air volume that ensures efficient and even air distribution throughout the cabin. With its 360-degree air supply, drivers can enjoy a consistent flow of refreshing air without disruptions. Additionally, the silent air technology minimizes noise levels, allowing operators to work without distraction.

(2) Rapid Cooling Performance
Farming tasks are demanding, and operators can’t afford to wait long for relief from the heat. The KK50 air conditioner copper tube aluminum sheet design enables rapid cooling, providing noticeable comfort within just 10 minutes of operation. This quick cooldown feature is particularly valuable during scorching summer days.

(3) Smart Temperature Regulation
The KK50 air conditioner is equipped with an intelligent temperature regulation system that automatically adjusts the cooling output based on the cabin’s ambient temperature. This ensures that the cabin remains comfortable without excessive energy consumption.

(4) Efficient Ventilation and Heat Dissipation
Fast airflow is essential for maintaining a comfortable cabin environment, and the KK50 air conditioner excels in this regard. Its efficient ventilation system not only keeps the air fresh but also helps dissipate heat, ensuring a comfortable temperature even during demanding tasks.

(5) Easy Installation and Warranty
Kingclima takes customer convenience seriously. The KK50 air conditioner package includes all necessary accessories for installation, which can be completed within just one hour. For added assurance, we offers a two-year warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the product’s durability and performance.

KK50 Air Conditioner Impact in South Africa-Kingclima

Mike said: “Before discovering the Kingclima KK50 air conditioner, working long hours in the field during hot summer days was not only exhausting but also took a toll on my productivity. The moment I installed the KK50, I felt the difference. Within minutes, the cabin cooled down significantly, and I was able to focus on my tasks without constantly battling the heat. The intelligent temperature adjustment kept things comfortable throughout the day, and the silent operation was a surprising bonus.”

Packing of KK50 air conditioner-Kingclima

As the agricultural sector continues to evolve, innovations like the KK50 Engine-Driven Air Conditioner by Kingclima play a crucial role in improving the working conditions of tractor and harvester operators.

With its impressive features, including efficient cooling, intelligent temperature regulation, and easy installation, the KK50 air conditioner is setting new standards for comfort and productivity in the field.

To explore the KK50 air conditioner benefits firsthand and elevate your tractor or harvester experience, reach out to the KINGCLIMA team today.

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