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Precautions for the use of refrigerated truck refrigeration units

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In the cold chain logistics transportation, as the main force of the refrigerated truck, its core is the incubator and refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck. Many people are not very clear about the use of refrigerated truck refrigerators, and some wrong usage methods may reduce the service life of the refrigeration unit. Share a few precautions when using a refrigerated truck refrigeration units:

First, let’s look at the principle of the refrigeration unit. At present, the refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck uses more mechanical refrigeration, which is basically the same as the refrigeration principle of the air conditioner refrigerator. It absorbs heat at one point and then emits heat at another point. The refrigerant absorbs heat through a coil (the evaporator) in the cargo space and loses heat through another coil outside (the condenser). The refrigerant is circulated through the system by a compressor.

The components of the refrigeration units are non-independent refrigeration units and independent refrigeration units. Most of the non-independent refrigeration units are used, and the power source of the compressor is the vehicle engine. Therefore, when using the truck refrigeration unit, the engine must be started first. When using in winter, the engine should be warmed up for 3-5 minutes before starting the refrigeration unit. For when the refrigeration unit is not often used. Especially in winter, the refrigeration unit of refrigerated vehicles is not used frequently. The refrigeration unit should be turned on regularly 1-2 times a week and run for about 10 minutes to keep the refrigeration unit working normally to avoid the sinking of the compressor lubricating oil and insufficient lubrication of parts.

Regularly check the tightness of the compressor belt of the refrigerated truck. If the compressor belt is too loose, it will cause the compressor clutch to slip and the belt will squeak, which will slow down the operating frequency of the compressor and weaken the cooling effect. There is a tension pulley on the compressor belt, which can be properly adjusted. Tighten the tension pulley with a wrench to adjust the compressor belt and remove the fault.

Understand the working principle of the truck refrigeration unit, and let the refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck cool down quickly:

1. The engine speed is not lower than 1500 rpm to ensure that the compressor of the refrigeration unit operates quickly and efficiently.

2. When the refrigerated truck is running, ensure that the condenser of the refrigeration unit dissipates heat well. (Regularly clean up condenser sundries)

3. The effect of warming the goods inside the box is obvious. Because the air humidity is high, the temperature of the empty box is slow.

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