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South African Customer Orders 30 pieces Mobile Refrigerated Boxes from KingClima

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“FreshBerry,” a renowned blueberry farm based in South Africa, has gained a reputation for cultivating the finest and freshest blueberries in the region. With a commitment to delivering quality and flavor, they embarked on a mission to enhance their transportation methods and maintain the integrity of their produce throughout the journey to consumers’ tables.

For our South African customer, who specializes in blueberry cultivation, ensuring the freshness and quality of these delicate fruits during transportation is paramount. With the continuous expansion of refrigerated transportation business, customers need to use more refrigerated boxes to keep the freshness of blueberries in the process of blueberry delivery, so looking for a movable refrigerated box that can perfectly deliver blueberries has become the primary choice for customers.

Feedback of Mobile Refrigerated Boxes for Tricycles-Kingclima

(1)Optimal Temperature Control: The mobile refrigerated boxes ensure that blueberries are stored and transported at precise temperature conditions, preventing spoilage and maintaining their freshness.

(2)Enhanced Quality: The refrigeated boxes create an ideal microenvironment, preserving the texture, taste, and nutritional value of blueberries, resulting in an elevated quality that stands out in the market.

(3)Reduced Waste: By minimizing spoilage during transportation, FreshBerry has observed a significant reduction in waste, contributing to their sustainability goals and operational efficiency.

(4)Flexible Mobility: Integrated into tricycles, the refrigerated boxes offer the flexibility to navigate through various terrains, ensuring timely deliveries and expanded market reach.

FreshBerry’s feedback on the implementation of KingClima’s mobile refrigerated boxes has been overwhelmingly positive. They commend the consistent temperature control, noting that their blueberries arrive at their destination with a level of freshness that sets them apart. This freshness has garnered praise from customers, resulting in increased demand and loyalty.

The mobile refrigerated boxes have not only preserved the freshness of blueberries but also elevated the overall quality of the product. The South African customer emphasizes that the use of KingClima’s refrigerated boxes has led to a noticeable reduction in spoilage, thereby minimizing waste and increasing their profitability.

Cooperation with Kingclima transport refrigeration

From the initial consultation to the customization of the refrigerated boxes, KingClima’s dedicated team ensured that every aspect of the solution aligns with the customer’s requirements. The efficient installation and user-friendly operation of the refrigerated boxes have further solidified the positive collaboration between the customer and KingClima.

Kingclima looks forward to cooperating with you!

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