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The Dominance of DC12V Refrigeration Units in the European Market

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In the intricate web of European logistics, the relatively short distances between countries foster seamless cold chain transportation among cities. However, a persistent challenge arises when vehicles come to a halt. Traditional fuel/engine driven units cease operation, leading to the risk of food spoilage during extended unloading times.

Enter the realm of electric cooling units, the reigning favorites in the European market. While some manufacturers advocate for engine drive units with standby systems, the cost implications and incompatibility with electric vehicles limit their appeal.

In order to reduce costs, reduce fuel consumption, and ensure that both vans and electric vehicles both can use refrigeration units, electric cooling units become the most popular in the European market. Many Local European or Korean low-voltage electric cooling units are directly down from AC110V into DC12V or DC24V through the inverter, which is very tolerant to failure and will reduce the service life of the refrigeration unit.

However, our low-voltage full electric refrigeration unit, its called B-150/B-150C refrigeration units, is a direct-made DC12V/DC24V, so its cooling performance is more stable, so it is trusted by European customers with good reputation.And we also get the CE approved and Electromagnetic test successfully go into Europe market fast.

As a testament to our commitment, we recently dispatched two B-150 DC12V full electric refrigeration units to a customer in Spain, setting the stage for exemplary cold chain solutions.

The Advantages of KingClima Full Electric Refrigeration Units :

(1) Versatile Application: Tailored for a spectrum of small refrigeration vans and electric vehicles.

(2) Efficient Power Management: Leveraging the vehicle battery’s DC power (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V, etc.) translates to significant fuel savings.

(3) Environmental Friendliness: Even when the van’s engine is idle, our cooling system continues to operate, ensuring a green and eco-conscious approach.

(4) Sleek Design, Powerful Performance: With a rooftop mounted refrigeration unit and slim evaporator design, rapid and potent refrigeration is a guarantee.

(5) Swift Installation, Frugal Maintenance: Easy setup, uncomplicated upkeep, and minimal maintenance costs. Assured Performance: Backed by a one-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Boasting a cooling capacity of 2000W at 0℃ and 950W at -18℃, the B-150 refrigeration units excels within 3-7m3 van or electric vehicle boxes. Moreover, it can plunge to -20℃ if your van’s insulation performance is particularly robust.

We extend a warm invitation to become a KingClima distributor of refrigeration units, we will offer you high quality ,best price and technical service.

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