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10 Pieces KC20 Trailer Refrigerated Units Purchasing From Romania Customer

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The proud owner of these 10 trailer refrigerated units is TransLogistics SRL, a renowned logistics company based in Bucharest, Romania. With a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality transportation services, TransLogistics SRL has been instrumental in meeting the rising demand for reliable cold chain solutions in the region.

Rising Demand for Refrigerated Trailer Units:

The ever-expanding global market necessitates efficient and secure transportation of perishable goods, and Romania is no exception. Industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture require temperature-controlled transportation to maintain product quality and extend shelf life. As a result, the demand for trailer refrigerated units has surged, driving businesses to seek reliable solutions.

High Praise Purchasing From Our Romania Clients:

TransLogistics SRL took a leap of faith by selecting Kingclima as their supplier for 10 trailer refrigerated units, a decision that has proven highly successful. The company’s management expressed utmost satisfaction with their purchase, emphasizing the exceptional quality and reliability of the China made trailer refrigeration units. The refrigeration systems exceeded their expectations, consistently maintaining the desired temperature range and effectively preserving the integrity of their cargo.

Good Delivery And Shipping Experience:

FreshLogistics SRL’s decision to purchase 10 trailer refrigerated units from KingClima Industry Co., Ltd. was met with utmost satisfaction due to a seamless delivery and shipping experience. KingClima’s dedicated logistics team ensured timely delivery, carefully coordinating every step of the process to guarantee the units’ safe arrival in Bucharest. This attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction left FreshLogistics SRL thoroughly impressed.

KingClima Industry Co., Ltd: The Epitome of Quality and Reliability

As the professional manufacturer of transport refrigeration units,KingClima has emerged as a trusted global supplier of refrigerated trailer units. By virtue of their cutting-edge technology, superior manufacturing processes, and stringent quality control measures have set them apart from competitors. The Romanian customer was particularly impressed by the impeccable build quality, advanced refrigeration systems, and energy efficiency offered by KingClima’s trailer refrigeration units.

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