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KF25 Small Trailer Refrigeration Units Exported To Canada-Kingclima

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“Interested in pricing and specs on your mobile refrigeration units. We are a refrigeration company in Canada and are looking into building a couple units to have available for our customers.”

-by Brenden”

Kingclima Mobile trailers feature a rugged construction, all refrigerated trailer models have more options to choose from, kingclima could provide KC20,KF20,KF25,KC30 for your refrigerated trailer needs.These compact units provide a temperature range of -20°F to , are all electric and require only AC115V/60Hz or AC220V/50Hz to operate.

An Available Refrigerated Cargo Trailer Units Back-Up-Plan

Always for your Mobile Cold Trailers units needs-Kingclima!

About walk in coolers refrigeration units, for electric refrigerated trailer users, choose Kingclima, to bring customers high quality and best price, at the same time a wide range of applications can be used in outdoor activities, parties, weddings, fairs, etc., also cooling solutions that can be used for temporary events in restaurants, providing solutions for refrigeration unit users in different industries and commercial areas.

Small Refrigerated Trailer Solutions – For Brenden

As a mobile cooling system supplier from china, according to brenden from Canada’s demand for refrigeration units, we recommend KF20 trailer unit products. As we all know, the most important part of Small Refrigerated Trailers is trailer refrigeration units. KF20 is designed by a professional Kingclima team Design and updated, product quality and performance are reliable. By replacing R404a with R452a, it can not only effectively protect the environment, but also reduce the pressure of carbon emissions. In the process of refrigerated storage, it has lower noise. At the same time, it can be refrigerated by smart connection via the bluetooth. users can control the temperature change on the mobile phone, and monitor the operation of the trailer refrigeration units anytime and anywhere.

For the chassis of the electric reefer trailer we use high strength and tough carbon steel cooler trailer chassis brackets with or single axle (two wheels) for capacity 1,5 tons and double axle (four wheels) for capacity 1,5 tons The small trailer is 2.5 tons. At the same time, the refrigerated cargo trailer has fenders and interior lights, and the rear four corners also have lights to meet the road transportation requirements of Canada and the United States. It is expected that the KF20 refrigeration unit can bring a new refrigeration experience to Brenden’s refrigeration company business.

The internal structure of the trailer reefer unit is equipped with an internal lighting function, which can be used in case of sudden power failure and other conditions. At the same time, in the selection of compressors, we use EMBRACO compressors imported from Italy, which can ensure that the refrigerated cargo trailer units During the operation, the quality is more stable and the cooling capacity is larger. In terms of size selection, Kingclima’s refrigerated cargo trailer is suitable for small refrigerated trailers with lengths of 8 feet, 10 feet and 12 feet, and we can also customize designs according to the needs of different users.

According to the requirements of Canadian customers, the external dimensions of the refrigerated trailer are customized as 2500*2000*1900mm, the insulation thickness is 100mm with PU or XPS foam, and there are 10cm-high aluminum grid floors on the three sides of the box. It has good heat insulation performance.

Before shipping to Canada, we carry out strict quality inspection in our factory, when we pack a complete 20GP or 40HQ container in a complete or unassembled panel, the cooler trailer can be shipped separately, this way fix one side of the container, avoid There will be problems during transportation, and the low failure rate can give users lower maintenance cost. If customers need to replace parts, they can also install them by themselves. During the installation process, we can provide users with video installation guidance.

Cooperation With Kingclima Refrigeration

If you are interested, we welcome you to become our distributor and look forward to working with you. Kingclima is committed to providing better and more reliable refrigeration products to customers in the global cold chain transportation industry.

For small refrigerated trailers, the cooling capacity of the refrigeration unit is the key for customers in the refrigerated transportation industry. KingClima can provide refrigeration units of the highest standard quality for small refrigerated trailers. choose KingClima, approved by CE certification, safer and more reliable.

The point is that we provide users with solutions for trailer refrigeration units and refrigerated trailers. Kingclima’s range of refrigerated trailers all come with a full 1 year warranty to ensure durability even in the harshest weather conditions.

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