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What is the difference between a small refrigerated truck and a large refrigerated truck?

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Judging from the development of the freight market in recent years, the logistics and transportation of frozen goods, fresh food and other commodities are increasing, so the demand for refrigerated trucks is also increasing. Some customers want to switch to refrigerated trucks, but they don’t know what kind of refrigerated trucks to buy. What refrigerated truck is suitable. So how to choose a high-quality and low-priced refrigerated truck?

Purchasing a refrigerated truck is actually quite simple. The refrigerated truck is composed of three parts as a whole: the front + incubator + freezer, but the subdivision of these three parts is somewhat complicated. We analyzed how to choose.

Choice of refrigerated trucks

The chassis is usually determined according to the type of goods to be transported, the maximum loading tonnage and the use volume of the reefer.

There are two types of blue brand refrigerated trucks: light trucks and light trucks, and the size of the cargo box is less than 4.2 meters. This type of refrigerated transport vehicle is mainly used for medium and short-distance transportation and urban cold chain distribution, with less load and fast operation. Recommend JAC Junling, JMC Shunda, Omarco S1 and other chassis.

Generally, medium-sized refrigerated trucks with a length of 6 meters and 8 compartments and a length of 7 meters and 6 compartments can be used for long-distance cold chain transportation in the market. Among these models, Jiefang J6L and Dongfeng Tianjin KR are very popular.

Large refrigerated trucks with container sizes of 8m6, 9m6 and semi-trailers are suitable for long-distance transportation across provinces. Generally, you can use high-power Jiefang J6P, Dongfeng Tianlong, Auman ets, etc.

Choose a refrigeration unit for truck

Because the goods are particularly temperature sensitive, once the refrigeration unit fails, the loss is not only the shipping cost, but also the high payment.

Classification of refrigeration units: commonly used refrigeration units are divided into independent refrigeration units and non-independent refrigeration units. Standalone units have their own power supply. Dependent units are powered by the engine of the car chassis, which are much cheaper than independent units.

The performance of refrigerated trucks determines the safety and economic benefits of transporting goods. Compared with ordinary vans, refrigerated trucks have more investment, higher returns and great development potential. When buying a car, you must proceed with caution, conduct adequate market research, and ensure a steady supply of goods.

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