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K660 Truck Refrigeration Units Shipped to Kazakhstan

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“In my fleet business, the truck lengths include 10m, 18m, 24m and 30m. In order to operate my refrigerated truck business, I need truck refrigeration units that can fit trucks of the above sizes. The required temperature is -20°C to 15°C.”
-Mr. Seraly From Kazakhstan

For customers who often use trucks for refrigerated transportation, truck units are indispensable. At the same time, because trucks can be used to transport more diversified goods, truck refrigeration units have always been welcomed in countries such as Europe and Central Asia.

A customer from Kazakhstan, whose main business is to operate its own fleet of trucks, is better able to provide long-distance refrigerated trucking services based on the products its customers need to deliver.

In terms of temperature, the average annual temperature in Kazakhstan is 0°C to 11°C, while the average summer temperature is 19°C to 26°C. Based on such climatic conditions, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the box is about 46°C. According to the customer’s refrigerated transportation needs, our K360, K560, K660 truck cooling units can respectively meet the cooling needs of different box volumes.

Truck Refrigeration Solutions for Sale – Kingclima

K-Series Truck Refrigeration Units:

K-Series truck refrigeration units are specially designed and manufactured for trucks. The evaporator has an aluminum parallel flow core, while the condenser has copper tubes and aluminum fins. K series truck refrigeration units, each model, we have at least a thousand times of actual installation experience. Therefore, we have found the most balanced solution between product quality and product price.

In terms of appearance material, we choose fiberglass material, which is more stable, corrosion resistant and UV resistant under extreme conditions, which can better protect the cooling unit and prolong its service life. And each cooling unit has been redesigned, and the average weight of each cooling unit is 15% lower than the previous one, which makes the operation of the unit safer.

K360/K560/K660 Truck Refrigeration Unit System:

(1) It is specially designed for vehicle-mounted engine-driven units, front-mounted, suitable for small and medium refrigerated truck bodies of 10~15m³.
(2) Using environmentally friendly R404a refrigerant, the cooling is fast and the cooling capacity is strong, so that the body temperature of the refrigerated truck can be kept within the range of -18°C to +15°C, and it is used to transport fresh or frozen goods.
(3) It is suitable for 10~24m³ boxes, which can meet most of the needs of refrigerated vehicles.

Comprehensive performance of truck refrigeration unit:

(1) Multi-function controller for truck refrigerator microprocessor control system
(2) A unit with CPR valve will better protect the compressor, especially in extremely hot or cold places.
(3) Use of environmentally friendly refrigerant: R404a
(4) Automatic and manual hot gas defrosting systems are optional.
(5) Roof-mounted unit and ultra-thin evaporator design
(6) Strong cooling, fast cooling, short time
(7) High-strength plastic shell, beautiful and spacious
(8) Quick installation, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost
(9) Well-known brand compressor: such as Valeo compressor TM16, TM21, QP16, QP21 compressor, Sanden compressor, Haili compressor, etc.
(10) International certification: ISO9001, EU/CE, etc.

As our sole representative-Kingclima Truck Refrigeration Manufacturer

It is committed to providing better and more reliable products for the global cold chain transportation industry. We know that the cooling performance of the refrigeration unit is very critical for customers. KingClima can provide high standard and high quality refrigeration units for customers who need truck refrigeration units and dealer customers in other countries and regions, and look forward to working with you.

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