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kingclima140E Bus Air Conditioner

Ensure comfortable journeys with our advanced bus air conditioner. Our high-quality and efficient system is designed specifically for buses, providing optimal cooling and ventilation to passengers. Experience a refreshing atmosphere even during the hottest days with our reliable and durable air conditioner.

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Brief Introduction:

KingClima with the environmental friendly awareness popular in the world, more and more countries focus on the full electric commercial vehicles, such as the full electric buses or coaches, vans or minibuses. kingClima has already focused on our efforts to the air conditioning for electric bus over 15 years, and to promote our electric ac units to marketing for over 5 years. Again and again to update our electric air conditioners quality to have a very competitive performance. Theses years, we gained the good reputation from European countries and America customers. As for now, we have one series of air conditioner named as Kingclima-E series included into 6 models to meet the electric buses cooling solutions from 14KW to 33Kw to suit for 6-12m electric buses.


Kingclima140E is 14kw cooling capacity, designed for 6-7m electric buses.

Efficient: with DC variable-frequency compressor and brushless fans, the efficiency is improved a lot. Reliable: all components is reaching passenger car level, waterproof IP rating is IP67 level.

Protection devices: high pressure and low pressure protection devices, short circuit protection device, phase loss protection device, multiple insulation protection device and have the E-MARK certifications.

Advanced: Stable heating under – 20℃ through low temperature heat pump.

Intelligent: with advanced PI variable-frequency control, stepless regulation according to the temperature inside and outside, to save 15% energy; Ultralight: we reduced the length and weight, which make the whole electric bus ac units more good appearance and power saving.

Quiet: with DC brushless fan and soundproof materials, noise level reduced more than 2dB.

Kingclima 140E Technical:

Cooling Capacity14000 Kcal/h / 16.24kw / 56000BTU
Heating Capacity13,000 Kcal/h/ 15.08kw/ 52000BTU
Input Voltage Range(Main power line)DC400V~DC720V
Input Voltage Range (Control system)DC-24V 5A
Fresh Air1250m³/h
RefrigerantR407c/2.5 KG
Compressor(Oil Type)HAF68
Evaporator(Type)Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
Evaporator(Air Flow)4,000 m3/h
Evaporator(Blower Type)7-speed centrifugal type EBM Brushless Blower
Evaporator(No.of Blower)4 pcs
Condenser(Type)Copper Pipe and Aluminum foil
Condenser(Air Flow)4500 m3/h
Condenser(Fan Type)Axial type Brushless Fan
Condenser(No.of Fan)3 pcs
Control systemCAN control system with 7 speed air flow adjusting module
Expansion ValveElectronic expansion valve Danfoss ETS6-18
Dimension (L*W*H) mm2479*1630*240mm
Application6-7meter Pure Electric Bus,Trolley bus, Tram ,New Energy bus and meter Hybrid Bus

Kingclima 140E Sketch:

L: 2479mm W:1630mm H: 240mm

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