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Refrigerated Fuel Tricycle

Driving Type: Fuel engines

Package: Wooden case

Body Type: Open

Power: 801-1000W

Use For: Cargo

Voltage: 48V

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Production Introduction:

“Discover the innovative and efficient solution for transporting perishable goods with our refrigerated fuel tricycle. Engineered with advanced cooling technology and powered by a reliable fuel system, our tricycle offers seamless mobility and temperature-controlled storage, ensuring the freshness and quality of your goods throughout the journey. Experience unparalleled convenience, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability as you streamline your logistics operations with our refrigerated fuel tricycle. Boost your business efficiency today!”

tupefuel tricycle
FrameElectrophoretic baking varnish
Body styleOpen/Closed
Carrying capacity300-500KG
Set temperature-20℃~0℃
Charge time8—10 hours
Max speed60Km/h

Refrigerated Fuel Tricycles are specially used in the refrigerated transportation industry to meet the needs of customers for refrigerated transportation!

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