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Kingclima K-300E High Voltage Electric Refrigeration Units For Truck

Model: K-300E
Low Voltage: DC12/24V
Condenser: Parallel flow
High Voltage: DC320V
Compressor: GEV38
 Refrigerant: R404a 1.3~1.4Kg
Evaporator: copper pipe & Aluminum Foil fin

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Kingclima K-300E High Voltage Refrigeration Units For Truck:

Model K-300E
Unit installation mode The Top condenser and compressor are integrated.
Cooling capacity 3150W(0℃)
Volume of container (m3) 12(-18℃)
Low Voltage DC12/24V
 Condenser  Parallel flow
Evaporator copper pipe & Aluminum Foil fin
High Voltage DC320V
Compressor GEV38
 Refrigerant R404a 1.3~1.4Kg
Dimension Evaporator (850×550×175)
Condenser (1360×530×365)

Kingclima K-300E High Voltage Truck Refrigeration Units Features:

(1) Quick installation, easy maintenance and low maintenance costs
(2) DC powered drive
(3) Green and environmental protection
(4) Fully digital control, easy to operate

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