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Kingclima-K560S Intergerated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Units

Airflow Volume:2200m³/h
Control Voltage:DC 12V/24V
Temp range:-20℃~+30℃
Refrigerant/volume:R404A/2.8 kg

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Parameters of K-560S Intergerated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Units

Models K-560S
Cooling Capacity Road/Standby Temperature Watt Btu
On the Road 0℃ 5800 19790
-20℃ 3000 10240
Electric Standby 0℃ 5220 17810
-20℃ 2350 8020
Airflow Volume 2200m³/h
Temp. range -20℃~+30℃
Refrigerant and volume R404A,2.8 kg
Defrost Automatic/Manual hot gas defrost
Control Voltage DC 12V/24V
Compressor Model and Displacement Road QP16/163cc
Condenser(with electrical standby) Dimension 1224*508*278mm
Weight 115kg
Evaporator Dimension 1456*640*505mm
Weight 32kg
Electric Standby Power AC 380V±10%,50Hz,3Phase ; or AC 220V±10%,50Hz,1Phase
Recommend Box Volume 25~30m³
Optional Heating, Remote control functions

Kingclima K-560S Intergerated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Units Application

Features of Kingclima K-560S Intergerated Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration Units

Integrated electric standby truck refrigeration units, apply for 18m³to 45m³ truck bodies:

(1) Easy to install, standby system is inside the condenser, so it can reduce the wire installation work.
(2) Save the installation space, small in size, beautiful appearance.
(3) After thousands of times of testing, it has a reliable working performance.
(4) Vehicle engine or standby system models for choice.
(5) Reduce fuel consumption and save transportation cost.

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